Boltrics’ App Platform is the extension of your 3PL Dynamics application. Whether you use it to streamline the scanning activities of your warehouse employees or as a drivers app for external drivers, chances are that you integrated it somewhere in your logistic processes. From scan views to adding attachments, and from approval flows to signing PODs. You can configure workflows flexibly and directly communicate with your logistic software. And, thanks to the latest update, this is now all based on an even stronger foundation. In this blog, we share the most important developments.

The powerful basis of Microsoft Azure

One of the biggest changes in the new App Platform (version 3) is the enhancement of the technical foundation. From now on, it will completely be hosted in the Azure Cloud. A seasoned cloud platform that is used worldwide. Add the changes Boltrics recently invested in, and the performance of the platform is now even faster than before.

High performance with multi-region hosting

Before, the App Platform was only hosted in Western Europe. However, the updated version is hosted in multiple regions. Besides Western Europe, we now host the App Platform in Eastern US and Eastern Australia too. The App Platform automatically determines to what backend your application is sent. For example, are you based in New York? Then, you will automatically be sent to the backend of Eastern US. Therefore, with the new multi-region hosting, we can guarantee high performance on the other side of the world. Always.

Always the latest version available

The new version of the App Platform introduces a new approach. That means that every version, from now on, has its own unique URL. When a new version is released, this version will have a new URL. However, using your unique customer-specific URL, you can always access the latest version. No matter what URL it has. In other words, your customer-specific URL does not change. Giving you the possibility to always redirect to the most up-to-date version of your application.

Do you want to know how to use the URLs to access the App Platform? Or are you curious about how the redirect works? Have a look at our Learn page:

Open the App Platform via ‘App Platform Registrations’

On the page ‘3PL App Platform Registrations’ in 3PL Dynamics, you will find an overview of all the available App Platform environments. Via ‘Register/Update Current Company’ you can create your own registration (1). But more importantly, here you find the customer-specific URL that will always redirect to the latest version. Open it directly in the browser via ‘Open Url’ or create a shortcut via ‘Copy Url’.

App Platform Logistics software

More insights into your processes

When an unexpected error occurs in your process via the App Platform, you will see the error message underneath. Here you find the URL of your version, the timestamp, and the region where the App Platform is hosted. New is that you also find a unique ‘Error Id’. In 3PL Dynamics, you can then find the corresponding error and see what causes the holdup. And solve it.

Boltrics WMS TMS App

Immediately solve errors in the App Platform

To find the corresponding error, navigate again to ‘3PL App Platform Registrations’ and click on ‘Show Errors’. There, you will find an overview of the (previous) errors over the last 30 days. Therefore, with the help of the Error Id, you can trace the source of the error and solve any functional problems in your process yourself.

App Platform Logistics

More information?

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