In the high-speed world of e-commerce, streamlining your workflows and minimizing manual actions is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Your operation must be able to handle high volumes, short delivery times, and the growing demand from webshops. And that, when qualified logistic employees are harder to find than ever. Automizing is therefore a logical answer to these challenges. Aim for efficiency. And aim for a completely automated end-to-end workflow in your e-fulfillment process with the help of DataHub, 3PL Dynamics, and a robotized WCS.

From order to ‘pick-ready’ without interference from your employees

Robotizing has been a number one trend in logistics for numerous years. And yes, the possibilities are endless. However, your operation and your software solution must be able to embrace these developments. We gladly help you to do so! Recently, we realized a completely automized process for one of our customers, thanks to the powerful combination of DataHub, the WMS, and the Warehouse Control System of HAI Robotics.

How does it work? Webshop orders enter the WMS via an EDI integration. These orders are then automatically communicated with the WCS. There, the automatically controlled robots pick the articles and place them on your packing location. All without any manual input!

‘The consumer expects his order to be delivered the next day. That is quite a challenge for logistics service providers. An order picker used to need up to twenty minutes to pick an order completely. Now, with the integrations between HAI Robotics and 3PL Dynamics, we can pick a hundred order lines in five minutes with the push of a button. Therefore, we can react to these short delivery times much easier.’

Rick Voskamp, Business Development Manager at Fox Global

Seamless cooperation between your customer, 3PL Dynamics, and your warehouse robots

Boltrics’ DataHub connects the e-commerce platform of your customer with 3PL Dynamics. The complete electronic order flow between the platform and your WMS is integrated in a standardized way. In that way, 3PL Dynamics communicates article mutations, receives orders, and sends order updates containing track & trace information. In addition, shipment details can be sent to delivery management solutions like NShift. In that way, your customer and the consumer continuously have the latest order status.

Furthermore, DataHub acts as a bridge between your logistics software and the WCS of (in this case) HAI Robotics, helping you to streamline your picking process from A to Z. However, this does not limit itself to picking. Also, the stock management and replenishment are completely automated with DataHub and the logistics processes that are standardly available in the WMS. In this way, online purchased articles will be pick-ready for the autonomous robots of the WCS.

‘The WMS automatically gives a sign when replenishment is needed. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the available stock in the WCS and the picking process can continue day and night.’

Rick Voskamp, Business Development Manager at Fox Global

DataHub: the key player in your communication flows

The biggest advantage of using DataHub as an intermediate layer between different systems is that these systems do not have to communicate directly with one another. This creates an architecture in which both systems can keep working with their own interface, message structure, and authentication method. Without any delays in the communication itself. This layer also makes sure the systems work autonomously. In case one of them has a malfunction, DataHub will notice it immediately.

Stay ahead of the competition

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities for your e-fulfillment processes? Or do you want more information about the integration between 3PL Dynamics and the WCS of HAI Robotics? Mail to and take the next step!