In the logistics industry, speed and precision are key for a successful business: delivering goods from A to B on time, offering an accurate and real-time overview of the stored goods, and designing your logistic processes as efficiently as possible. In that case, you want your software solution to be able to handle this speed too. That is why a strong performance is a priority in almost all developments we do as Boltrics. However, you can improve the performance of your application yourself as well. Starting with a cleaned-up database.

Cleanup Setup in 3PL Dynamics

With every posted document, sent email, or aborted session, your database grows. That makes sense. However, not all data must be saved forever in your environment. For example, posted documents only have to be stored a couple of years and aborted scan sessions can be closed and deleted almost right away. That is where cleanup setups help you out.

With these setups, you can determine what data can be deleted after a certain period. In that way, you prevent your database from becoming unnecessarily big which could bring down your applications’ performance. But you also prevent error messages. As too many incorrectly closed scan sessions can cause errors in your process when your employees end up in an old session. Furthermore, EDI messages containing print documents in the DI Message Table can increase your database a lot, without you knowing. Therefore, delete these data periodically with the cleanup setup.

Periodically delete sent emails

Since Business Central v20, sent emails are automatically stored in your environment. That in itself is quite a good functionality. However, these emails are not cleaned up standardly. So, if your colleagues send many emails containing pdf files, this can lead to an enormous growth of your database.

With cleanup setups in 3PL Dynamics, you can set up when to delete these emails and prevent an unnecessary slow performance. Furthermore, you prevent extra costs due to the extra storage you may have to buy if your environment gets too big. In the video below, we show you how you can easily set it up yourself.

A clean database for your logistic operation

Want to learn more about the cleanup settings in 3PL Dynamics? Please contact Marketing or your Boltrics Partner. Need help getting these settings right? Create a ticket or ask your partner about support options.