In a fast-paced, customer-centric world, logistics companies are always looking for ways to optimize. To improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall customer experience. All the while dealing with unpredictable circumstances. From congestion on the road, rising costs of fuel, and a labor market pushed to its limits. One solution that is gaining in popularity is the use of driver apps. Used on your smartphone or tablet, providing real-time data and insights to help you manage your trips more effectively.

Onboard computers have been a standard tool for many years. But leveraging the power of an app offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative. Explore the advantages of an app over an onboard computer. We’ll highlight some of the key features and benefits that make this technology an attractive option for transportation companies of all sizes.

The top 5 key features of a drivers app

1. User-friendly, device independent: Our drivers app is designed to be easy to use. All the required information as literally in your hands. Quickly and easily accessible, without needing extensive training or technical expertise. The app eliminates the need to manually update trip lists. New orders and/or changes are always immediately available to the driver.

2. Cost-effective – only pay for what you use: Another thing that comes to mind is eliminating the necessity of expensive hardware or integrations with platforms. An app is typically less expensive than an onboard computer. No upfront investments in hardware and software. By leveraging the devices your drivers already use, you can save money while still gaining access to valuable data and insights. Boltrics App Platform, for instance, is fully integrated in 3PL Dynamics and full cloud based. So, no additional costs for hardware and maintenance.

3. Proof of Deliveries instantly in your system: Foster the handling of orders and eliminate manual administration. Has your driver arrived at the desired destination and did everything arrive in good order? All he must do next is confirm a POD via the app and it is immediately processed in your system and all parties get informed accordingly. Ready to send out the invoice? This can be automated – without perform an additional action.

4. Flexibility in device and use: Working with a device independent app offers more flexibility rather than a fixed onboard computer. On the other hand, the App Platform also offers flexibility on a totally different level: configurability. As an example, specific screens can be started for certain assignments to register specific topics.
5. Seamless, real-time integration: No more paper forms. No Excel files you need to integrate (manually) in your system. Forget time-consuming administrative activities. Everything you do in the App Platform is directly connected to 3PL Dynamics. This way you will never do double work.

The top 3 most important key features of the App Platform:

1. Save time, eliminate errors
The App Platform offers major time saving, but also reduces the chance of mistakes. All information is available in one single application. Forward a new assignment or inform your drivers when changes are applicable. Directly from 3PL Dynamics simply by changing the order status. The driver automatically sees that something has changed.

2. Real-time insights, real-time communication
The planner has real-time insight into the progress of the journey, without unnecessary communication or having to switch to another platform first. Allowing your team to immediately respond to delays and better inform customers about the status of the orders.

3. Up- and down scale when needed
Our App Platform allows you to scale up quickly and easily. Which comes in handy when your company grows (or shrinks), use charters as a transport company or deal with seasonal influences. Simply select the subscription with the expected number of transactions and pay one amount per month.

Ready to leverage the advantages of an online app?

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of Boltrics’ App Platform for transportation? Or do you want to automize your communications with customers and suppliers in another way? Contact us and we’ll gladly help you on your way.