There seems to be no stopping it: the explosively rising energy prices. Prices were already high and due to the war they rose even further. Nobody knows what the prices are going to do: will they rise further, will they stabilize or will they fall?

The current prices and the uncertainty that comes with it also have an impact on you as a logistics service provider. We help you on your way with charging energy prices in 3PL Dynamics.

Extend documents with energy surcharge

A fuel clause offers the solution. By using this, you can calculate a surcharge on transport rates. So also an energy surcharge. You do this by setting up a fuel clause on the surcharge rule.

  • Quantity Calculation: This function calculates the percentage of the captured clause at detail, line or header level.
  • Unit Price Calculation: This function calculates the unit price. This is the amount on which the surcharge must be calculated.

Extend sales invoice with energy surcharge

Another possibility where you can make use of the clause is on your sales invoice. Think, for example, of energy surcharges on the calculated custody fee.

There is a status function that supports the clause on the sales invoice. In the parameters of this function you can define a fuel clause filter. The function searches within the defined clauses for a clause for the relevant customer, or a general clause. This makes it possible to maintain a different percentage per customer. It also makes it easier to maintain percentages over time. Even if energy prices go down again.

By adding a clause to your documents or your sales invoices in 3PL Dynamics, you can easily pass on percentages of the total amount to your customers.

Energy prices are not the only prices that have risen sharply. Fuel prices also fluctuate daily. Make sure your prices are up to date. And calculate the fuel costs in addition to the energy surcharges. How? Read it in this blog and watch the video

Want to know more?

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