Over the recent period, Boltrics has invested in the development of a new web portal together with an external development agency. The goal? Offering a portal that covers all the needs of your customers and meets all the latest technological demands. Discover when you can benefit from this new portal and read when you can expect the first results in its rollout.

Web portal phase 1

The development of the web portal is split into two phases. With phase 1 being the most extensive. In this phase, all functionalities are developed to make the web portal a powerful tool that supports your customer processes (read-only). For example, think of clear list pages with click-through functionalities, flexible dashboards with graphs, security, and high performance.

Development phase 1

Until September 2022, Boltrics has invested highly in product development of the new portal.

Pilot phase 1

From September 2022 until October 2022, a handful of customers will be testing the new portal. In that way, we can filter all minor issues and get an overview of potential missing functionalities.

Rollout phase 1

From January 2023, the rollout of this version of the web portal is planned. Does your solution run on v20 or higher? Then, you can start using the new portal (read-only) from this moment on.

Web portal phase 2

With phase 2, integration with the app platform is realized, which is needed for activities like timeslot booking. Furthermore, hyperlinking and potential comments from the pilot of phase 1 are added.

Development phase 2

Immediately after the development and pilot of phase 1, our team starts developing phase 2. This is planned from October 2022 until December 2022.

Pilot phase 2

From December 2022 until January 2023, a selected group of customers will be testing the next version of the web portal, like in phase 1. Again to solve the minor errors that may come up during the processes.

Rollout phase 2

We expect to roll out this version of the web portal to the first customers in February 2023, including the newest additions of phase 2.

More information?

Are you curious about the improvements of the web portal compared to the prior version? Read here how you can display data faster, safer, and more appealing to your customers with the new portal.

Do you want to learn more about the rollout of the web portal? Or about what the costs of implementing the new portal are? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl.