Technological developments follow each other at lightning speed. As a result, qualifications on the labor market lose their value even quicker. Are you not teaching yourself new knowledge? Then, in 5 to 10 years’ time, a backlog will have developed that is almost impossible to make up for.

In addition, someone who continuously learns has gained more knowledge and therefore has more skills. Is there an unexpected situation that causes your logistics process to come to a standstill? Then you have to switch quickly. Someone who keeps learning and challenging himself can switch very quickly and can resolve the situation in no time.

Life-long learning

Knowledge is power, they say. In the world of software, that may be truer than anywhere else. Developments in software are moving very fast. The basics remain constant, but improvements and new features are continuously added.

This is also the case with our software, Microsoft 3PL Dynamics 365. To keep up to date, it is important to know the software as well as possible. But how can you best stay informed of all developments and how can you keep up with your knowledge?

Everyone learns differently. Boltrics takes this into account. Five different learning styles are therefore used when devising and developing new content:
1. Copy: what works? Piggybacking, taking over, learning in real life
2. Participate: dialogue, learning with others, discovering things out together, trusting each other
3. Acquiring knowledge: book knowledge, knowledge transfer, learning from experts, goal orientation
4. Practice: critical reflection, safety, coaching, explicit learning, practice
5. Discovery: jumping in the deep end, curiosity, chance, creativity

Discover the knowledge of Boltrics

First of all, we have a large amount of blogs in which we share knowledge with you. The topics range from the latest trends on the market, to setting up new functionalities or tips that you can use yourself. This also includes webinars and whitepapers.

In addition, the Boltrics Academy was launched six months ago. You can currently find 35 e-learning courses on this platform. With topics ranging from basic user explanation to key user expert explanation about, for example, creating WMS contracts and Status templates. A What’s New e-learning is also launched every six months, in which the new features are shown and briefly explained. All e-learning courses can also be viewed via the LMS365 app, so you can always gain new knowledge.

Of course, not all questions can be answered or specific cases explained via e-learning. That’s why there is an online Q&A session every month, where a consultant will answer all your questions. Would you like to register for this? This is possible through the Academy.

Refresh or renew knowledge

Repetition is extremely important. Not all knowledge sticks immediately. The Academy offers opportunities to view e-learning as often as necessary. This, together with the blogs, webinars and white papers, makes it a growing reference book.

By refreshing your knowledge of innovation, you gain more confidence in working with the system. This way you can see and improve faster where something can still be done. The software becomes an efficient tool to carry out your daily processes.

Not finished learning yet?

If there is a need for additional explanation about a certain topic, you can always submit ideas for an e-learning. Our Academy trainer Tamara keeps track of the most requested topics and makes a schedule for the new e-learning based on this.