Quality and temperature controls, increasing requirements for product safety and the pressure to accurately register all your processes. As a cold store you will encounter completely different challenges than a non-cooled warehouse. In addition, you must continue to meet the requirements and wishes of customers.

Curious how you can do more work in less time? How you can easily perform quality checks and record all data effortlessly in the stock?

In 42 minutes we show the possibilities of Nekovri Dynamics. We share how to register batch numbers, production dates, expiry data and track goods throughout the process.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Do quality & temperature checks without administration frustration
  • Register all product requirements effortlessly
  • Track goods from start to finish
  • Communicate real-time via EDI with customers, NVWA and Customs
  • Gain insight into your data

Watch our webinar: