After the technical upgrade earlier in 2017, the first functional upgrade to NAV 2017 started in April, and meanwhile, the upgrade has been carried out for more than 40 customers. Where most software vendors often weeks and sometimes even months to carry out an update, is Boltrics able to perform the updates within two hours. An update is and always will be a tense process – you can compare it with an open heart surgery – and it is always a challenge. A single bug can shut down the whole process. By responding quickly and agile when a problem is detected, it is possible to update the solution to a new version in a short period of time.

How did the upgrade went so far? Staalduinen Logistics and Partner Logistics share their positive experience.

Staalduinen Logistics: primary processes ran smoothly without problems

Staalduinen Logistics has been working with Boltrics’s software since 2011 to streamline their logistics processes and join the new updates every year. Jurrien Westdijk, key user at Staalduinen Logistics: “In just a few hours, Boltrics managed to perform the update. Which allowed us to continue our work during the day and ensuring us we would encounter as little obstacles as possible. At the start of the day, it was hardly noticeable that the evening a major update was executed. Thus, primary processes ran smoothly and the only noticeable difference was that a number of fields were moved. We’re using the new update now for a couple of weeks and do not immediately notice big changes in NAV 2017. But at the same time, when we compare the solution to NAV 2013 or even NAV 2015, major changes are noticeable. In addition, functionalities are available within NAV 2017, which we do not use at the moment – partly because we are not aware of the presence. Fortunately, Boltrics brings attention to the possibilities of the new release through contact with our Customer Success Consultant, blogs, and webinars.”

Partner Logistics: Up-to-date without downtime

Partner Logistics always want to make use of the latest technical developments and innovations. That was also one of the main reasons for Partner Logistics to choose Boltrics software two years ago and to implement the software in four major sites within only one year.

Peter Bryssinck, Implementation Manager at Partner Logistics: “One and a half years ago, we went live with Boltrics’ software solution. Nevertheless, Boltrics pushes us to update to the latest version of NAV 2017. That sounds negative, but in fact, we are pleased with this ‘pressure’. Because if you would skip an update, you’ll increase the workload over period and increase the risk of mistakes. The performance of the solution is key to our service, and we do not take any risk. Therefore, the first functional update has recently been completed and two updates are still in progress. Since we offer a 24/7 service, we cannot afford downtime. That is why we carry out the technical and functional tests in-house. But during the update itself, we received great support from Boltrics, and eventually, the update even took less time than expected.

The result: The first update has been completed successfully – without any downtime. That is of course always the goal, but certainly not always the result. Thanks to the cooperation with Boltrics this has been realized successfully.”