Since a few years, is Het Fulfilment Bedrijf entirely focusing on e-fulfillment services for starting web shops. A fast-growing sector in logistics, which grew even faster as a result of the corona virus. In order to be able to keep up with this fast-growing sector, Het Fulfillment Bedrijf, like Altavia Sumis, Nic.Oud and AVA, opts for the branch standard solution from Boltrics.

Creativity and innovation first

Het Fulfilment Bedrijf is there for everyone who wants to make a success of his or her webshop. Especially in the current time, where web shops sometimes grow faster than expected and the logistics activities can diverge. Het Fulfilment Bedrijf, therefore, offers an all-in service to support and unburden innovative start-ups partially or completely. From order fulfillment, financial fulfillment, returns to web and customer care, everything is thought of. Het Fulfilment Bedrijf faced only one obstacle: outdated software that no longer matched their customers’ modern systems. They immediately started working on it.

E-fulfillment requires an always up-to-date WMS solution

Customers of Het Fulfilment Bedrijf expect a 24/7 link with their web shop, which is modern and highly digitized. Online retailers know exactly how to make smart use of IT and demand their logistics service provider to do so too. An IT solution that grows with the sector and enables Het Fulfilment Bedrijf to respond effortlessly to new customer requirements is therefore essential.

The company found this solution at Boltrics, software developed for and inspired by the branch. The functionalities of Boltrics’ WMS solution are developed and shared across the sector, so that the software is continuously developing and extending. A modular solution, of which Het Fulfilment Bedrijf can decides themselves what their WMS must include. One of the most important requirements for their new solution was to be able to easily integrate with other systems, so that they can maintain short lines with the various web shops of their customers. But also being able to easily select the most suitable transport, thanks to an integration with the Transsmart platform. In addition, it is certainly important for Het Fulfilment Bedrijf that they can quickly and easily connect new customers. Without having to hire extra staff or call in Boltrics consultants for this.

Maarten Luijt, director of Het Fulfilment Bedrijf: “Since our full transition to fulfillment services, we wanted a WMS system that grows with the e-fulfillment sector. Our previous ERP software based on Navision – the predecessor of Dynamics 365 – was outdated, making it more difficult to link with the systems of our customers and carriers, or to introduce new “business processes”. After an analysis period, we opted for Boltrics’ WMS. The robustness of the architecture of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, along with Boltrics’ vision to implement their customers’ processes through unique configurations, was the deciding factor for us.”