At the end of this year, Rulewave will go live with a new future-proof WMS. The logistics service provider in the oil and gas industry noticed that the current customized application could no longer meet the desired logistics functionalities. “In today’s competitive market, we distinguish ourselves by delivering customization in combination with a high and personal service level. A flexible, innovative and complete Warehouse Management System is crucial for this,” says Hans den Hartigh, Director of Operations at Rulewave. For that reason, Rulewave has opted for the always up-to-date branch standard of Boltrics, developed with the input of more than 180 logistics service providers.

A well-oiled machine

Rulewave provides a wide range of logistics services within various sectors. In addition to primary storage and transshipment options, Rulewave also offers international (project) forwarding services by road, rail, air and sea and multimodal services with added value. The service provider from Moerdijk is specialized in all aspects of warehousing, such as order picking, cycle counting and customs activities.

To ensure that all these logistics processes run like a well-oiled machine, Rulewave searched for a solution that meets the needs of the logistics industry. “Boltrics’ branch standard solution is specifically developed for logistics service providers. Thanks to the input from the entire industry, the WMS solution of Boltrics meets the wishes and requirements of our customers,” says Hans den Hartigh. “Besides, the software is always based on the latest Microsoft technology, so we always stay up-to-date. After the implementation of the WMS, a long and expensive re-implementation is no longer necessary to update an outdated package. That will save us a lot of time and costs, which we can invest in our customers.”

Software developed for the logistics industry

Boltrics’ WMS is based on the input from over more than 200 logistics service providers, which means it already has many functionalities available. In addition to the standard WMS and Airfreight functionalities, Rulewave will also use Boltrics’ App Platform, send EDI messages via Boltrics’ DataHub and integrate with Transsmart. This allows Rulewave to keep its customers informed 24/7 of the latest order status, automate communication extensively and (automatically) determine the best, fastest or cheapest shipping method – directly from the WMS. In other words, Rulewave opts for a new WMS so that all logistics processes run smoothly, both now and in the future.