Bouw Logistic Services yesterday signed the logistics software of Boltrics. The ink was barely dry when the implementation preparations already started. The logistics service provider wants to go live with the new system as soon as possible so that they can process the first orders with the new WMS at the beginning of next year.

From generic logistics services to specific markets, the logistics service provider from Nijkerk may proudly call itself an all-rounder. The people at Bouw are specialized in the logistics process around wine and spirits, have the Bio Certificate, and operate many webshops in the field of e-fulfillment. Specific markets, with specific processes and wishes that must be easily supported by their logistics software.

The latter turned out to be increasingly complex with their current applications. That is why Bouw started their quest for a logistics software solution that enables them to optimally serve their customers.

Innovation for a better service

Patrick Endeman, Operations Director at Bouw Logistic Services: “We want to be the best logistics partner for our customers. We do this by taking care of logistics and continuously evaluate how we can align our processes better with the market demand. However, the innovative developments in our current systems came to a standstill, while the market is demanding new functionalities. That was the signal for us to orient ourselves towards a new application.”

The most important requirement that the organization set for the new package was the possibility to set up the control logic themselves so that they can effortlessly implement the desired processes in the system themselves when connecting a new customer. Integration options with other packages, as little customization as possible, and, for example, ABC classifications were also essential for Bouw.

One system for warehousing, transport & customs

Initially, their search started for a separate WMS and TMS, but they soon saw the synergy benefits of an integrated solution. Especially when it turned out that their excise and customs administration could also be supported by the sector-specific solution of Boltrics. In doing so, they replace three systems with one system.

The logistics service provider does not only store goods but also takes care of the transportation of it. Patrick: “In the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg we have daily pallet distribution with an extensive fleet. We work with partners beyond that. But regardless of whether we provide the transport ourselves or outsource it, all trips must be planned as efficiently as possible. Boltrics’ TMS will soon support us in this regard. Information is taken one-to-one from the WMS. All in all, this will drastically reduce the number of manual administrative tasks.”