As a logistic service provider, there is no escaping from it: package registration. Pallets, crates, tanks; there is an extensive trade in these packaging articles in your warehouse or trailers. In one shipment, you may receive a lot of these articles, when in the next you send almost everything back. Adding everything up, packaging represents a substantial value. No wonder that your customers request these processes to run perfectly and you are faced with all kind of strict rules. With the help of 3PL Dynamics, package registration will be piece of cake for you.

Give priority to your logistic activities

Though package registration is very important, as a logistic service provider, you want your employees to mainly focus on logistic activities. That makes sense because that is the work with which your business earns its money. With the module Package Registration in 3PL Dynamics, the package flow in your warehouse or transportation is easily kept track of by linking it to your logistic activities. In that case, a good package registration only requires you to do your daily processes.

Shift in responsibilities

Working with the module does not only automates your package registration, it also causes a shift in responsibilities. Often, package registration is the responsibility of the office staff. Quite weird, isn’t it? Because not the employees in your offices, but your warehouse employees are loading, moving, and storing everything that passes your warehouse daily. With the module Package Registration, the responsibility of registering the articles shifts from your offices to your warehouse. The warehouse employee scans the carrier when it enters your warehouse. By doing so, he registers the carrier that he sees in front of him. Without any extra work, the package mutation is then noted, including the supplier, customer, address and transporter. Now, the employees in your offices can focus on different aspects of the process, as checking the package balance or administrative activities. Simply because the registration has already been done. Package registration is now a part of your regular process, making it easier to finish administrative actions and to keep your administration always up to date.

Package registration in your WMS

Sounds good? Now, let’s focus on how it can work for your business. When entering receipt or shipping orders, 3PL Dynamics automatically determines if package articles should be booked, based on the detail lines. When setting up the registration, you can work with carrier types as well as the units on the carrier. Here you can state what type of package you want to register and which you don’t. For example, you want to register CHEP pallets and CBL crates, but you don’t want to register disposable Euro pallets. Then, based on the number of detail lines that are booked, the package mutation is done. For example, when you receive a EURO pallet with 30 CBL crates, the software automatically mutates the number of EURO pallets by adding one and the number of CBL-crates by adding 30. When these crates are carried by a disposable pallet, the system only mutates the number of the CBL crates.

As mentioned earlier, the transporter and the address are also registered. In this way, you can immediately see the customer or supplier that is linked to the mutation and you can easily determine the total balance.

Package registration in your TMS

Besides package registration in your warehouse, you are confronted with it in your transportation as well. Therefore, you can also use the module Packaging Registration in your TMS. In this way, you can easily keep track of whose package articles are stored on what location. For example, you can see how many full pallets you have delivered and how many empty pallets you have taken back. This prevents complications and makes billing a lot easier.

Give your customers insights into their packaging balance

On the one hand, you can use the module to serve your customers to the best of your abilities. However, you can also choose to give customers insights into their packaging balance themselves. With 3PL Dynamics, you can allow your customers to see their balance, inventory, and documents in the web portal. By doing so, your customer can directly see what goods are stored in your warehouse and what the total value is of all the package articles.

Discover the benefits of package registration with 3PL Dynamics

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