Van der Heijden Transport in Hapert is always focused on a total solution for its customers. In order to continue this service after the extension of the warehouse, a future-proof WMS solution is required. Therefore, the logistics service provider recently replaced their existing system with Boltrics’ WMS.

With always one eye on the future and the other on customer needs, Van der Heijden concluded that the current WMS solution was no longer optimal for supporting these aspects. When looking for a new system, user-friendliness and real-time communication with customers were important features. After a relatively short search, the transport company ended up at Boltrics. With their industry wide solution based on Microsoft Dynamics, they could fill in the missing elements. For example, Boltrics tackles the user-friendliness issue by offering the system as a web client. Van der Heijden’s employees are hereby no longer tied to their desktop, but can simply log in via an URL on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, the logistics service provider is able to reduce the number of manual actions with the additional modules Connector and RF Scanning. Thus, they are well prepared for the future.

Project leaders Niels van der Heijden and Doris Egbers said the following: “In line with the expansion of our warehouse, we were looking for a system that was also ready for the future. In other words, a system that can grow with any customer demand and offers access to the latest technological possibilities. With the Boltrics solution we always have up-to-date information and we can share it with our customers without any problems. Flexibility is one of our strengths and Boltrics’ approach suits perfectly with that. The fact that we are able to finetune the WMS ourselves to our specific business processes meant that this system was the ideal choice for us.”

About Van der Heijden Transport

In 1932, H.J. van der Heijden founded the transport company. Nowadays, Van der Heijden has grown into a modern transport company with numerous logistics facilities, including international transport, distribution, storage and forwarding. With over 80 years of experience, Internationaal Transportbedrijf Van der Heijden is one of the oldest transport companies in the Netherlands. Van der Heijden Transport also provides important added value through innovation and specialisms.h