Do you have a lot of variations in your price and/or service agreements with customers, and would you like to capture this in a way that would be more manageable, apply it automated to 3PL-/Nekovri Dynamics? So you can easily gain insight for yourself and your customer? Then we have good news. Because this can easily be done with the module ‘WMS Contracts’ – which allows you to make arrangements for yourself and your client without any effort.

In the standard setup, 3PL-/Nekovri Dynamics works with services, service agreements and service prices, where:

  • The calculation is recorded on the service card;
  • A price is set for service per customer at service prices;
  • And at each customer article is captured which services are applicable to the different types of documents (goods in/out, etc.) and order types, which can also be specified on article status and transport.


Because the agreements are often valid within one customer for all customer items, 3PL/Nekovri Dynamics already offers the opportunity to capture the setup at customer-level and apply this to all customer items of that customer. However, if you have multiple service agreements within one customer depending on the customer item, then it will require an additional setup. In addition, you must keep track of which service agreements are applicable per customer item. This requires a lot of additional maintenance and creates a greater risk of potential errors. And it gives a restriction to filter only on a limited number of fields, such as document type, order type, article state, and transport.

As more and more customers are in need to be able to manageable and flexible capture multiple service agreements and prices per customer, and these agreements and prices will also depend on more than the above-mentioned filtering capabilities, we have developed the “WMS Contracts” module. With this new functionality, it is possible to capture multiple service agreements with different prices by document type based on filters on almost all fields on the document line. Thus, next to the order type, article state and article transport, it can also be filtered on, for example, the unit code, recipient address, conveyor, carrier type, item category, product group, attribute fields, and so on. But also on, for example, a specific internal or external customer article number. These agreements and prices – including the corresponding filters – will be affixed to the contract, in one central location. There is no need for a specific set up at customer product level. And it also offers the possibility to capture arrangements on contract level for almost all services (save wages) with calculations that can be flexibly arranged.

In addition, it is also possible to capture optional services – besides standard services – in the setup of WMS Contracts. By means of a parameter on the WMS Contract rule, you can determine whether this service should be added by default to all document rules within the filter, or that you want to make the service available as an optional service that users can add in special cases. For example, additional services that do not apply to any order, such as restacking broken pallets, foil, pasting extra stickers, and so on. You can add standard services – just like the default functionality – from your document by adding an action button or automatically when adding a status change. When you choose within your document for the option “Insert Optional Contract Lines”, you will see an overview of all optional services linked to the contract that falls within the rules of the Order Rules. Also, if setup and applicable, a proposal will be made of the number of service units in the services. By selecting the proposal, these optional services can easily be added to the document rules. With this configuration, users can no longer accidentally select an undefined service for that type of document.

Blog - add optional contract services WMS contracts

Blog - add optional contract services


Simply customize rates for a (new) period

The module also offers the ability to easily adjust tariffs for a new period. This may be for the entire contract, part of the contract or for certain services across all contracts.

Gain better insight into agreements with reports

A standard report has also been developed for the WMS Contracts. Through this report, you can easily understand the agreed agreements within the contract for both the users and your customer.