Jonker & Schut, logistics specialist in the food sector, reduces the number of IT systems in use and selects Boltrics’ software as their central solution to streamline finance and logistics processes.

Jonker & Schut, founded in 1987 by Fred Jonker and Erik Schut, started as a specialist for clearing goods for third parties on departure and on arrival. And also as a forwarder and intermediary for clients in transport issues. One of their customers, active in trading dairy commodities needed storage and transshipment facilities. Jonker & Schut saw the potential of this niche market, created the necessary facilities and quickly added a simple mixing and packaging line.

The specialization in dairy commodities proved to be a hit and provided the foundations for further growth and development of Jonker & Schut into a modern company that has acquired an important place in the world of logistics service providers. Meanwhile, the organization offers a total package in the field of logistics and handling of powdered dairy products.

The transition from different systems to one up to date system

The organization already used Microsoft Dynamics NAV to control their financial administration, transportation, manufacturing and warehouse processes. However, they did not use one solution to support these processes, but different versions and databases. Therefore, there was no integrated solution.

Albert van de Ridder, ICT Manager at Jonker & Schut: A lot of customization has been added to our previous solution to make sure it could support our business processes. Which is very nice in the short term, but in the long run it turned out that the solution no longer met our needs. An update to the latest version and integrating several processes to one solution proved to be costly and risky that we kept on postponing it. This created the need for a standard, a future proof solution that would fit our processes. We opted for Boltrics because of their strong focus on logistics service providers, the standard yet highly flexible branch solution, and the Microsoft Dynamics platform as its core. With more than 70 logistics service providers as customers and the ‘always up to date’ guarantee, we have the confidence that we opted for the right solution – now and in the future.”

Jan Cornell van Ekris, Commercial Director at Boltrics: “We are very pleased with the confidence that a leading company like Jonker & Schut puts in us. From the beginning of the selection process, there was an immediate “click” as Jonker & Schut was looking for that in which Boltrics exceeds. Providing a total solution for all primary business processes. So finance, TMS, WMS, Value Added Logistics and additional always up to date. Combined with our unique implementation methodology, we can ensure that Jonker & Schut can use the latest technology within three months, optimally support its customers and don’t have to worry about IT anymore. ”

About Jonker & Schut

Jonker & Schut is a professional specialist in the food sector and in particular in the market for processing powdered dairy products. Jonker & Schut offers a complete logistics and processing package. This package comprises standard solutions and tailor-made solutions that we carry out in-house. What do these tailor-made solutions include? On request by one of our clients, we developed special production lines. We invest in suitable solutions who will support our customers. For more information, please visit