‘Flexible and customer oriented’ has been the motto of Trexico Logistics for years. With these core values central to the business, the logistics service provider from Rijen supports a wide range of customers and logistic activities. From e-fulfillment to the shipment of large cargo. From ocean freight from china to storage in their public warehouses. And from transportation to Russia, to executing VAL activities for their customers. To support all these processes ‘flexibly and customer orientated’, Trexico chose Boltrics’ WMS solution.

The go-live in March 2020 made Trexico Logistics the first customer that went live with the 100% SaaS solution Boltrics offers. And, also with the updates that followed, Trexico was one of the first customers in the peloton that went live with the newest version. So, an organization that does not sit still on the logistic market, and likes to be ahead in IT.  

With 25.000 m2 of storage, and a huge diversity in logistic activities and customers, Trexico needed an integrated software solution that could cover all processes. ‘Because we work for a lot of different customers, who all have their own demands, we were searching for one solution to support all,’ says Niek de Baar, Logistics Supervisor at Trexico Logistics. ‘Boltrics offers a package which is fully focused on the logistics industry. Therefore, it seamlessly coheres with the wishes of our customers.’

Always up to date

When you choose Boltrics, you directly choose to be ensured of a future-proof solution. Thanks to the always up-to-date promise of Boltrics, as a customer you can always rely on the latest Microsoft Technology, and on the newest logistic functionalities. Therefore, when Trexico chose Boltrics, they ensured themselves of a futureproof solution as well.

Continuously on the newest technology

Trexico is in the front of Boltrics’ peloton, and benefits from that also in the long term. Niek de Baar: ‘the more we do smaller updates, the easier it is to follow new developments. Keeping up will, in the end, result in the least number of problems.’

‘Sometimes it is challenging to always be up to date. Not everything works directly as you were used to. That is normal, but that does not outweigh the value of having the most recent technology.’

Furthermore, the core value ‘customer oriented’ returns in the policy to keep up with new developments. ‘IT is something in which you can distinguish yourself, also towards customers,’ states Niek. ‘Therefore, we as Trexico find we should follow these developments. One must always try to have most possibilities inhouse’.

Seize opportunities in the market

‘By keeping up with these developments, we can simply keep up with the changing demand in the market’, states Niek. ‘For example, we recently expanded our activities with fulfillment, and now support these processes with Boltrics logistics solution as well. We now offer these activities to multiple customers, which confiscate an increasing share of our services.’

Successful at Trexico and promising for you

  • Automize and digitalize processes and reduce manual actions.
  • Be ensured of a future-proof software solution to support your processes.
  • Work customer-oriented, by designing different workflows for different customers.

‘Order entry is now 25% more efficient, compared to our old system. Therefore, we can do more work with the same number of people.’

Niek de Baar

Logistiek Supervisor at Trexico Logistics

About Trexico Logistics

Trexico Logistics is a full-service logistics service provider with owned sites in the Netherlands and Russia. With a customer oriented approach and a team of experienced employees, Trexico offers its customers the quality they expect. The logistics supplier from Rijen does that with a worldwide network of partners, three warehouses, 17 employees, and extensive logistical knowledge.