Specialized in complete transport and storage processes of machinery, Moovle makes name for itself in this niche market. However, the logistics service provider from Alblasserdam does not limit itself to these processes. Instead, it is known as a logistic partner for ‘anything that is big and special’. With import, export, transport, and customs activities, Moovle keeps finding opportunities. The result: in only two years they grew from three to ten employees, divided over two sites.

To stay able to grow in this market, Moovle has chosen Boltrics’ software solution in 2019. As a member of the Boltrics peloton, they can rely on extensive logistics functionalities and the latest Microsoft technology. Both now, and in the future.

Focus on traceability en efficiency

Because of the growth the logistics service provider went through, it became clear that the use of stock lists in Excel no longer sufficed. ‘This was fine when we were just with the two of us, but not with multiple colleagues as we are with now,’ says Marinus van der Sluijs, owner and director at Moovle. ‘When continuing to work like that, the risk that data is accidentally thrown away would be too big. We would not be able to trace it back to the source.’ With the current system, Moovle is ensured that data is registered from A to Z. ‘And this administration is crucial for our AEO license.’

Moovle offers customers the complete package: ‘a customer can call us after buying a machine in Asia and give us the task to place it in the factory somewhere in Europe. In that case, we take care of the entire process.’

Besides the traceability, which has increased thanks to 3PL Dynamics, Moovle now works in one uniform way for all customers. Marinus van der Sluijs: ‘Before, we had different layouts, lists, and overviews for different customers. Now, our employees work in the same environment for all our customers. That saves time.’

Rich standard

‘The choice for Boltrics was mainly driven by all the functionalities present in the system,’ continues Marinus. ‘There already was a very rich standard, with all kinds of branch-specific reports and pages, thanks to Boltrics’ peloton philosophy. That vision, in which all customers put in the effort and we work with Boltrics as partners, that appealed to us.’

In the front of the update train

During the updates to the newest version of Microsoft Business Central, it was Moovle that went live as one of the first. ‘The feeling of partnership returns here. Boltrics offers us the newest solution, and we may profit from all the new functionalities. As a customer, we then want to help with a smooth transition of the entire peloton. Doing nothing is not an option. Then, you won’t be able to take any steps forward.’

‘The longer you wait to update, the more you slow down the peloton. That is not in the best interest of both the ones in front, as all others. The sooner everyone is live with the latest version, the sooner there can be focused on optimizing the solution for the entire peloton’

Jeftha van Noppen

Business Process Administrator bij Moovle

Successful at Moovle and an opportunity for you:

  • Increase traceability in your processes.
  • Professionalize communication with your customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Benefit from colleagues in the logistics industry.
  • Stay up to date with Boltrics’ always up-to-date promise.

About Moovle

Moovle takes care of the transport and storage of machines and equipment all over the world. From shipping from the east, which is delivered via its warehouse to the factory in Sweden, to delivering spare parts via its airfreight office at Schiphol. Everything aiming to be of service with the credo Convenience, Compliance & Costs. Moovle does this with already 6.000m2 of warehouse divided over four locations, 5.500m2 outdoor storage space, healthy partnerships, and an ambitious vision for the future. Not for nothing is the motto of Moovle ‘Move Anything Anywhere’.