Automating communications with your customers, partners, and suppliers, in the past this could be seen as an extra service. However, as a logistics service provider, you cannot escape from it anymore. Integrating via EDI, or even API, significantly increases efficiency. Which makes it necessary not to fall behind on the competition. And you do not have to! With Boltrics’ DataHub you have a strong platform available to organize, manage and process data flows. And does an error occur in the communication? Then you can solve this in no time. However, you do need to know where to start. In this blog, we help you solve DataHub errors in your own 3PL Dynamics environment.

How do I observe something went wrong?

When something goes wrong in the DataHub with your flows, you receive an email on the set email address. However, receiving an email only is not enough. To solve the problem you must act on it too. To prevent notifications from falling between two stools, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure error messages are sent to a general email address. In this way, emails still reach their destination during (for example) the vacations of colleagues.
  2. Make sure, when having received an error message, that it is read. Then, decide who follows up on the message.

Do you want to change the email address error messages are sent to? Provide the correct email address  via Then, we will make sure it is linked to your DataHub customer account.

Check exports yourself

Besides receiving emails, you can also take steps proactively. In that case, regularly check the ‘DataHub Exports’ for errors. You can easily notice an error when the field ‘Last Error’ is colored red.

Tip: sort the list on the filed ‘Last Error’.

How can I see what has gone wrong?

When you have received an email with an error message, you can use that to start solving the error.

In the image above you see the mail containing the DataHub error message. In the email, you find the Export ID and the description of the export that went wrong. With the steps of the video below, you have solved the error and restarted the export in no time.

Do you need help solving DataHub errors?

Do you find problems solving the error, despite the steps in the video above? No panic! Our consultants gladly help you with solving the issue.