Whoops… a mistake! It happens to all of us. As where manual labor is done, mistakes are made. However, the follow up to these mistakes is something you do not want to miss out on. To keep the relationship with your (internal) customer good and open for the future, a quick and correct handling of complaints is essential. That starts with a correct registration. Followed by a quick follow up and a clear communication. Yet, this is often easier said than done! So, how can you ensure that the registration of complaints – and the follow up – runs like a well-oiled machine?

Simply register complaints with the module Incident Management

When registering complaints, and additionally follow up these complaints from your system, the module Incident management offers the solution. With this, you can create a so-called request directly from a document and you have all the information in one overview.

All information in one place

Besides documenting all the contact details of the involved parties, you can also capture the details of a request, like the problem, the cause, the solution and (open) actions. Furthermore, you can eliminate duplicate work and increase productivity by capturing interactions. These you can automate with the help of steps.

Capture a request directly from a document

When creating a new document, you can immediately create a request and link it to the document you are working on. In this way, you can easily link a receipt or shipment to the request. Then, you know exactly what articles, orders, or employees the request refers to.

Tips for complaint registration

Do you capture the complaints in 3PL Dynamics? Register frequent incidents and build a knowledge base. In that way you can quickly solve these recurring requests. Furthermore, create a workflow with the needed steps. In this way, all the involved colleagues know what actions are expected of them. And have you discovered a potential trend line? Analyze the progress of reports with extensive reporting options. And give yourself the opportunity to implement structural improvements thanks to newly acquired insights.

Prevent complaints from being unsolved

Do you want learn more about how the module Incident Management can help your operation with handling of complaints? Or do you want to start capturing the request right away? Submit a request via our customer portal and get started!