A stable or even strong relationship makes a collaboration. At Boltrics, we acknowledge the importance of the relation as partners. Even though we do make a standard product, we do not want to offer a product which is only based on our own input. When you are already a customer of Boltrics for years, you know exactly how we work. And that we work based on our five promises. Do you remember them?

The branch standard

The first promise of Boltrics is ‘the branch standard’. Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why you have chosen for Boltrics. This promise is based on similarities: the needs you and your colleagues in the logistics industry have in common. That is what Boltrics focuses on. That is what we have done in the past, what we are still doing now, and what we will keep doing in the future.

Customer specific vs. the standard

You know your organization is not sitting still. How could it, in such a dynamic market. Chances are that after a while, new insights are developed or that (new) customers have different demands. To realize these process changes, different means are at your disposal. For example, specific workflows or the development of new functionalities. Together we will look how to adopt these changes in the software. As Boltrics, we always do this from an industry wide perspective. Because, when the solution is completely focused on your specific business processes, it will not longer be in line with the industry wide solution the peloton works with. And that while you purposely decided to use the branch standard.

The Achilles heel of customer specific solutions

Imagine that Boltrics would use al its resource capacity for customer specific solutions. In that case, we would slowly drift away from the branch standard; the approach you have chosen for with a reason. It would even mean the death blow for the branch standard, as it would not continue to develop. New technology would not be available for you and that will eventually avenge your competitive position. Therefore, we focus on the entire Boltrics peloton. Together you are stronger.

Do you choose for another strategy, and do we honor all your wishes with the help of customer specific solutions? Than you are not following the peloton. Eventually, you will even leave it. This may feel as a liberation the first few meters. However, you quickly find out that you have to work really hard all alone. In other words: you may have a lot of freedom and you can make your own choices, but you also have to manage it all alone. Considering the speed in which you have to adapt to technological changes, this is almost an impossible mission.

Eye on the future

Our second promise is ‘always up-to-date’. That means that the entire peloton can trust on the most recent Microsoft technology, as well as on the newest logistic functionalities. However, did you diverge from the peloton? It will take effort to keep up. The more you follow the standard, the easier it is to follow the speed of your colleagues. Therefore, do not wish for specific solutions for your own business processes too quickly. Instead, first find ways to easily adapt your own processes. By following the peloton, the update process is easier, you can simply use new functionalities and you reduce the number of bugs in your application.

Improvement of the standard

In short, customer specific solutions conflict with the Boltrics promises. Many customer specific solutions do not only form a threat to the standard, but also to your own process and future readiness. For example, it is harder to start using new functionalities and to keep up-to-date. Therefore, avoid too many business specific cases, and contribute to the standard. Only then, you can fully use the potential of your industry wide solution. By doing so, we bring the complete peloton to a higher level. That is what we call a good relationship!