Like in most countries, in the Netherlands, the customs declaration process is fully automized. Therefore, as a logistics service provider, the right choice of customs software is everything in order to declare your activities correctly.  When you have made a decision, it is important that you can also rely on the software – now and in the future. In other words, a stable solution for communicating with Customs is not a wish, but a must. And with good communication belongs a strong, future-proof platform: the DataHub.

Customs messages via the DataHub

Last year, Boltrics took a giant step forward, by completely phasing out the old customs server and replacing it for the DataHub platform. An important step to support your processes in the coming years. However, the transfer does not only have benefits for the future. As a customer, you can already benefit from the DataHub platform as of today.

One platform

Because the customs server is now completely transferred to the DataHub, all EDI messages now run through one platform. The biggest advantage of having one platform, is that we as Boltrics only have to maintain one system, on which we can focus the complete 100%. Besides, it is easier to work with, because your key users only have to gain knowledge about one platform as well.


Without making the story too technical, I can tell you that with the transition, the customs flows have gained a lot of performance improvements. This was an extra focus point during the process, to make sure you can benefit from a faster application with less performance issues.


Of course, the mentioned improvements are of high value. However, for you as a customer (and for us as Boltrics) the biggest advantage is that you can gain more insight in your customs messages via the DataHub. Where the old platform was a ‘black box’, you can now follow the messages in detail. Previously, you had to depend on our support team to analyze, review or restart certain errors. Now, you can do this yourself. In other words, you regain control of your customs flows. When needed, you can of course still send in your question to our support team. However, you can now accept the challenge to solve the error yourself. This could save you a lot of time.

Monitoring your messages in the DataHub.

For all customs documents, creating and sending the documents has stayed the same. The documents can still be created via a status flow, step or action from the top bar. It has simply become a lot easier to monitor your messages yourself. Curious how you can dive in the error message? Discover how you can easily find, analyze and resolve errors with the video underneath.

More information about the DataHub?

Do you want to learn more about your customs flows via the DataHub? Or are you curious about the possibilities of the Customs module? Mail to