The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is something you see almost every day as a logistics service provider. And if you do not see them, your colleagues in the warehouse or on the semis will. Despite that these labels might not seem special to you, they are on the basis of the functioning of your organization. And therefore they are indispensable. For you, but also for your customers. This is why there are numerous examples where customers request a personal SSCC number series, so their administration will become more tranpsarent. Do you receive these requests as well from your customers? Then read along and find out how you can set up these series yourself.

This blog is an update of a recent blog. In this blog, we explain step by step how to create new SSCC number series Dynamics 365 Business Central. Do you still use the Windows client? Read this blog post to learn how to enter these series in your version of 3PL Dynamics.

SSCC Number series in your administration

When you create a new SSCC number series, it is important to decide what numbers to use on forehand. An SSCC number consists of 17 digits. The first 10 digits are set; you probably receive these from your customer. However, the number series you see in your system consists of 18 digits. The 18th digit, the so-called ‘check digit’, is automatically given by the system.

Enter a new number series

You can create a new number series on customer level easily by yourself. Follow the steps in the video underneath and check the new SSCC number series by creating a new receipt.

Directly meet your customers’ demands

Have you successfully linked the new SSCC number series to your customer? Then you can meet your customers’ demands even better while making your own administration clearer. Do you need a hand creating the new number series? Submit a request via our customer portal, our consultants are happy to help.