Summer is coming. This can be noticed in different ways. First, obviously: the sun. Lately, it is shining brightly almost every day. Besides that, ducklings and small goslings wiggle through the green lawns, protected by their mothers. But what is also very typical for this season, are the outdoor athletes. Runners, skaters, hikers and especially cyclists are seen more and more on the public roads. Driven to get the best out of themselves and to make every attempt better than the previous one.

The summer period is not just for amateur athletes. The Giro d’Italia is happening as we speak and cycling fanatics cannot wait for the Tour de France. Tom Dumoulin (or your non-Dutch favorite) and his team work hard to keep up with Yates. Yates, on his turn, does everything to stay ahead of the Dutchman. Do you see the link between cycling and logistics?

We would like to introduce you to Boltrics’ bicycle support team

Our customers also perform top sport. They work every day to optimize their services with our software. That is why we try to get the best out of ourselves too and make every attempt better than the previous one. We do not do this alone, but together with you. This way, we form a complete cycling team. You are the team leader and we are the supporting team. We make every effort to send you towards your goal as efficient as possible.

Nowadays, this team consists of more than 30 employees. Every day they take major steps for their customers and contribute in their own way. The developers build the bike. This has to be perfect down to detail, because the competition is going for the same result. Next, the consultants provide hand-on tips to get you to the finish as quickly as possible. In a way, they tell you how to use your bicycle, depending on the cycling stage. Marketing and sales contribute to the strengthening of your team, by sharing knowledge and package expansions. Finally, the guys of the customer support team: the supply car.

Because, no matter how well you and the other cyclists are performing on the road: accidents are just waiting to happen. A breakdown, a flat tire or another defect. You cannot cover every risk and those are the moments you are lucky to know that there is always someone to assist you.

A good start is half the work

What is our protocol at the support desk? Decent help can only be offered if the problem is clear. When an incident occurs, we would like to receive a detailed description of the occurrence. This way, we can analyze exactly what is going on. This is done by e-mail with a reproducible scenario. Of course, we know all of our top cyclists (key users) and other riders (employees), but we do not have all the details at hand all the time. This is why a print screen, including user and company information, is required to be able to help. This can be done by using the step recorder, which is a functionality of Microsoft Dynamics. So: you tell who you are, what bicycle you ride and what you have done. We collect the right tools and get to work.

How we work

After you have sent the e-mail, you can expect a response by e-mail or telephone. In our contract ‘maintenance and support’, further agreements are shown in detail. It is likely that we call you to request to share your screen via Teamviewer. Regardless of our follow-up of the initial notification by e-mail, you will receive a ticket number. You can always use this number to contact the supply car, or the support desk. Here you can, for example, indicate how urgent the problem is and what consequences this will have for your course. As soon as the incident is completely registered, we will determine within the current reports what priority level your incident receives. The goal, of course, is to get the entire peloton back on track as quickly as possible.

As said before, accidents are just waiting to happen. In addition, the importance of the incident can increase for you. Is there an important mountain stage (like in the Giro today) and do you have problems with the gears? We ensure that extra crew members are put on your incident. At Boltrics, our customers are our reference and together we aim for the best.

You cannot descend without having to climb first

Every single one of our employees is there to help your organization. At the support desk we do this when times are not as bright as the summer sun, but as the subtitle says: you cannot descend without having to climb first. After the incident is resolved, you go down the mountain at full speed. Faster than ever before. We provide you with some extra tips to make the next stages go smoother and just like that we ensure that the finish is achieved in no time. Without a doubt.