Do you import and/or export goods from abroad? Then we don’t have to inform you about the relevance of (customs) knowledge. From classifying up to the different customs flows. When keeping in mind that this data often has to be entered manually in different systems it seems inevitable that there is a huge risk of errors. How do you keep costs low, avoid double entry and remain compliant?

In only 20 minutes, we explain how you can simplify your customs processes by using one integrated solution. We show, for example, how you can generate declarations automatically, link them to your receipt and shipment documents, and electronically exchange information with customs with only one mouse click. In addition, we show you the latest product developments within our custom solution that enable you to take the next step in digitization.

Learn more about:

  • How you comply with customs compliance & administrative regulations
  • How you can automate your customs flows
  • How you can always have insight into the latest status
  • The integration possibilities with different customs flows, such as NCTS, AGS, EMCS, Cargonaut, and PLDA
  • And the benefits of an integrated solution

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