There are stacks of paper scattered on different desks. These are stapled together and then put in the archive folders. Subsequently, a document must be taken out one of the many archive folders. But where can you find this document? And is it put in the right time period? Does this sound familiar to you? A paper archive stacks up and one full folder leads to another. Wouldn’t it be easy to have a system where the right document can be found quickly? Or where your customers can access their documents through a web portal?

Document Capture offers the possibility of digitally archiving documents. This means that sorting and retrieving documents no longer has to be a difficult and time-consuming activity. The automation of the process thus saves you time and costs.

Less paperwork, easy access

Document Capture is our barcode recognition software. By simply scanning the documents with barcode or correct file name, the software will create a digital archive where documents can easily be processed, analyzed and retrieved. Naturally, with the digital inflow of documents, these can easily be linked.

From paper flow to a digital archive

All documents with a barcode can be recognized with Document Capture. These can be, for example, CMRs, or in- and outbound documents with the associated documents. Document Capture Essentials literally brings your physical paper flow to a digital archive in three simple steps:

1. Associated documents are stacked.
2. At certain times, these stacks are collected and scanned.
3. Document Capture splits per barcode and then links it to the correct document.

Document Capture

Document Capture recognizes the documents and links these to the right document type. Because the documents are neatly linked, they can also be found in the web portal, where they can be downloaded.

Advantages of digitally archiving with Document Capture:

  • Minimum archive storage
  • Documents available on the web portal
  • Insert documents with a mailing to the customer
  • Findability of documents in the system
  • Save time and costs


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