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Direct assignment: you’re in control

Directly assign an order to the order picker with direct assignment. Take different things into consideration. For example, automatically check the inventory with cycle counting. When the inventory is adequate and does not cause any bumps in the process, orders can be assigned until the maximum capacity of the wagon used is reached. The maximum capacity can also be optimized based on maximum weight per wave or the amount of big/small orders that fit on a wagon. When the set is complete, the assigned documents are cleared and the picking can start.

Make sure your warehouse employees pick the right orders and assign orders based on:

  • Sorting
  • Available stock
  • Max number of orders for the customer

An extra round? Definitely not

Besides the capacity, assigning orders makes it possible to assign orders to an employee per zone. In this way orders can be picked from the same part of the warehouse, preventing the order picker from needing long routes through the entire warehouse in just one wave. Taking the routes of the order picker in mind, the time of a wave is drastically reduced.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Priority tasks in progress

Make sure your goods leave the warehouse right on time and introduce priority task. Because in certain situations, picking and loading goods before a certain time is the highest priority. Our WMS makes sure you can determine what should be picked, when and how. How? Assigning orderpick makes it possible to prioritize the orders. This can be done by implementing a time-gap. Using the planned end date of an order to prioritize them without conflicting with normal pick orders. The priority orders are sent earlier and therefore picked earlier too.

Our WMS offers different interleaving flavors that provide the ability to increase the productivity:

Orderpick assignment

Based on sorting

Available stock

Max number of orders for the customer

Activity Manager


Direct ship


Movement strategies

Max content of a pick carrier

By Address

By Strategy

Priority on the order/warehouse activity

e.g. date time fields

Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious about our WMS and how it can help streamline your warehouse processes? Just ask one of our colleagues and find out.
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