WMS Functionaliteit Internationaal

Automatically calculate your location capacity

Gain more insight in your location capacity. Put all the available data in the WMS to create a database you lean on. Based on the measurements of the product and the location, the system is able to calculate of the article fits or not. The system checks the measurements of the location type and your articles, to then calculate the maximum number of goods that can be stored on that location.

Easily add external locations

In some cases, you need to move to an external location. Luckily, adding an external location in 3PL Dynamics is just as easy as adding own locations. Firstly, select in your current location overview the correct main location and use the button ‘Create sub location’ to create a new storage location. This is how quickly a setup of an external location can go!

- Determine per zone or warehouse the temperature

Make sure goods are stored in the right zone or warehouse and register the temperature. Does it turn out that there was a deviation in temperature, then you know exactly which pallets have been stored in that specific cold store.

ABC Analysis: insight into fast & slow-moving goods

Focus on the article group that has the most influence on your daily warehouse activities. This allows you to make a huge difference, purely by working a little bit smarter than before. Classify for example based on number, number of order lines and number of carriers or the number of order picking actions. With the knowledge in mind that order picking is one of the most labor-intensive activities in your warehouse, imagine how much time you can save with this knowledge.


Dangerous goods: registration, restrictions, and DG list in one WMS

You can place most of your goods anywhere without any restrictions in your warehouse. This does not apply to dangerous, or ADR goods. For these goods, strict rules apply, which you need to take into consideration in your daily processes. Including keeping the controlling authorities up to date about the articles you store in your warehouse. And the restrictions about where you are allowed to store them. 3PL Dynamics offers the possibility to set up restrictions on customer item level. Ensuring that ADR goods are stored only at the designated location.

Get started with ABC classifications

Curious about the possibilities?

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