Replenishment on exact the right time with Boltrics' WMS

Trigger a replenishment activity

Our WMS will trigger a replenishment task to pick goods from the source location and replenish the target location. Based on defined criteria (i.e., threshold of item quantity in a location), 3PL Dynamics will automatically trigger the replenishment task and determine the source to be picked from, the quantity to be picked and the target location (pallet, shelve or bin) to replenish to.

Of course, all system controlled and optimized to ensure the least amount of travel time is taken.

Seamless cooperation between your customer, 3PL Dynamics, and your warehouse robots

DataHub acts as a bridge between 3PL Dynamics and your WCS, helping you to streamline your picking process from A to Z. However, this does not limit itself to picking. Also, the stock management and replenishment are completely automated with DataHub and the logistics processes that are standardly available in the WMS. In this way, online purchased articles will be pick-ready for the autonomous robots of the WCS.

The added value of Boltrics' WMS

3PL industry standard

Reusable configuration templates

Library of functionalities

Self-support development capabilities for end users

Low code/no code

Minimize technical need and speed up the deployment

Workflow based

Trigger the right actions and make small changes yourself

Curious about this functionality?

Are you wondering if our WMS adds value to your company? Just ask one of our colleagues and find out.
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