WMS Tracking Tracing Barcode Scanning

Allow yourself maximum flexibility

Set up rules on which the system proposes the optimal location. Scan the goods and our WMS tells your warehouse employees exactly where to store the goods. In that way, each item will be allocated to the dedicated storage location based on type. Or even store mixed items in a pre-defined area.

A range of options available, out-of-the-box

Forget the need for development or customization. Most put away flavors are already figured out by your peers who work with Boltrics. Leverage a library of features, for example:

  • Max. Height
  • Max. Weight
  • Free Space; the number of carriers or capacity (based on dimensions)
  • Max 1 Batch
  • Max 1 Article

With Boltrics WMS, you can easily calculate if goods are needed for shipment. So that it does not go to bulk storage first, but directly to the ready location for shipment or VAL. Bringing the number of movements in your warehouse back to the bare minimum.

The added value of Boltrics' WMS

3PL industry standard

Reusable configuration templates

Library of functionalities

Self-support development capabilities for end users

Low code/no code

Minimize technical need and speed up the deployment

Workflow based

Trigger the right actions and make small changes yourself

Curious about this functionality?

Are you wondering if our WMS adds value to your company? Just ask one of our colleagues and find out.
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