Are you combining two products into one package? Or separating products into single packages before shipment? In an efficient VAL process, you easily repack customer items. However, that also means your software solution must be able to handle combined articles and register this extra service without any problems.


Provide repacking in any desired form. Whether it concerns goods that need to be transferred to a different pallet or even repacked to a different package form. You ensure that products are repacked in the right way. Our software ensures all handlings are captured. Do you work with fully automatic packaging machines? Easily set up a connection with our WMS and keep track of every repacking activity. That way there is no doubt about what activities have been executed and what should be included on the invoice.

A few repacking examples:

  • Repacking the packaging into a new SKU
  • Repacking the packaging but SKU remains the same
  • Repackaging to other packaging quantities
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Reverse logistics

These days, sending back a package is as simple as getting bread at the supermarket. Do your customers expect you to handle the complete process of retrieving, inspecting, fixing, repacking, sorting and reselling returned packages? An easy task when working with Boltrics’ WMS. Yet, registration is essential for a well-oiled return process. Our WMS indicates per item which checks must be carried out before it can be included in the stock again.

No way back: the march of reverse logistics

From assembly to delivery ready to drive. The entire process is supported by Boltrics' software.

Niels van der Vlist, General Manager at Westerman

Effortlessly add these packaging options to your portfolio with Boltrics' WMS

Bulk packaging

Do goods need to be poured to bulk packaging? If you’ve got the expertise, we’ve got the software to support you. Even run quality checks to make sure there is no doubt about the quality. Capture the data in our WMS for traceability and reporting purposes.

Sample packaging

In certain cases, it’s important to work with samples. For example, when it comes to pharma, it’s mandatory to send a sample of a batch to the lab. 3PL Dynamics makes sure you can keep track of it on a detailed level. Simply take one sample from the pallet, ship and deliver. All data is stored in our WMS, enabling you to trace it back to the original pallet.


Blending is a VAL activity often executed with bulk goods or liquids. In this case, the service combines two or more products you receive or store into one completely new product. Every activity can immediately be captured on the order. And therefore, will be invoiced automatically as well. Without any additional administrative hassle.


Do you assemble the products of your customers? 3PL Dynamics offers the possibility to combine at least two articles into a new article. Always have all the information on hand of the original (sub)products from which the new article was assembled. For example, from which pallets/boxes the 'raw materials' for the new article were taken (back flush). Furthermore, recipe recording or a build-up of the article (Bill of Materials) is always available.


Add stock-holding labels – from stickers to barcode and prices - to the process and trace SKUs throughout the entire process.


Do you perform repairs for your customers? Make sure you capture exactly what repairs have been executed. Even capture the time and materials involved.


Unburden your customers and take your value added services to the next level by assembling kits and sets for your customers. Easily create a Bill of Materials (BOM) in our WMS for which articles are needed to compile the kits and sets.

Curious about this functionality?

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