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The integration

With this integration, we bring you a range of incredible features created to boost your business’s success. Sendcloud has optimized the processing of several of Boltrics’ clients. Verdel and Packhero have already implemented their software.

What are the functionalities?

Unrivaled Carrier access

Sendcloud automatically activates the most popular and commonly used carriers in your country. You gain access to a large range of over 60 carriers and can seamlessly connect to the best of them via Sendcloud’s pre-negotiated contracts, or upload your own and integrate with their API. Or you can do both – Sendcloud is flexible and offers you plenty of choices.

Sendcloud 2

Customize your workflow

With Sendcloud, you can streamline your working process and take care of picking, packing and shipping all in their platform. This saves you time and money on every single package. The software allows you to create and print shipping labels in just a few clicks, create custom automation rules, gain access to bar code scanner support and a picking solution. You are also able to track all your delivery and returns data in one, centralised hub.

Checkout optimization

Shoppers appreciate (and expect) flexibility in delivery methods. You can offer customers a choice of shipping methods and delivery dates in your checkout.

Stand out

Your competition may settle for mediocrity, but you don’t have to. Sendcloud helps you create branded, customized tracking email, pages and SMS. This allows you to stay top-of-mind after every sale.

Smooth Returns

Returns are always a bummer, but with Sendcloud’s software you can minimize the frustration while optimizing the experience for your customers. You can create a branded return portal and allow them to make their own return labels automatically. Treat your customers to a smoother process and your customers support team to less workload.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Customization

  • Wide carrier access

  • Checkout optimization

  • Smooth returns

  • Branding

Other integrations

With the branch standard, you benefit from functionalities directly from the logistics industry. But this does not limit itself to functionalities. In Boltrics’ standard solution, many integrations are already present that can be of value for your organization. No reason to reinvent the wheel. You can simply benefit from your predecessors. Think for example of integrations with Amazon, Sendcloud,, Transsmart and many more!  Discover what integrations we already developed for you.

Browse integrations

DeliveryMatch – a standard connection to streamline your shipping processes

As the demands of customers for better delivery service rise, so does your need for a trustworthy software. You need someone who does the heavy lifting for you.

Adjust carriers for shipments based on delivery conditions

Do you face customer demands for your shipments and want to register and process these in your WMS? No problem, get started with our standard functionality in 3PL Dynamics.

Improve the quality of your transport order processing with workflows

Learn how Boltrics’ status functionality brings your order processing to the next level.