The logistics service provider TDL Group stands for customized qualitative unburdening of their customers. By accurate deployment, the firm from Houthalen, Belgium can act flexibly and proactively. To invigorate this accuracy, TDL Group recently went successfully live with the cross-dock module of 3PL Dynamics.

Create long-term win-win situations by acting decisively

Since 1980, TDL Group – named differently back then – is active in the logistics and in years they have become a major all-round service provider. Because of this, the 100% family business strives for long-term relationships and high quality through decisiveness. This decisiveness is for example reached by TDL Group’s short communication flows and cross-dock activities. For the latter process, the logistics service provider preferred not to rely on customization too much. Therefore, TDL Group decided to implement the standard solution of Elevate-IT, of which the cross-dock solution successfully went live about a month ago.

Registering, identification and informing completely right

This transition matches the ambition to be a strong, leading player in the Benelux and France in Fresh-, Building-, and Dedicated Logistics. Because this ambition requires modern technologies, to optimally serve customers. That is why with their new solution, TDL Group chose for smart scan solutions and digital connections through EDI-integrations.

Firstly, the scan solution realizes that every action in the warehouse is directly registered in the Warehouse Management System. Hereby, TDL Group books a lot of efficiency and they gain more information possibilities towards their customers. Namely, because of the EDI-integrations employees are always aware of the location of the goods and what happened to them. Especially in a highly efficient procedure such as cross-docking, these insights bring many advantages.

Since the going-live, we can say for certain what happened with pallet, which is convenient for our customers as well.

M. Geurts

TDL Group

Traceability for better customer focus

During the implementation trajectory, M. Geurts from TDL Group was closely committed. “We always strive for long-term relationships with our partners and therefore clear communication is crucial. The usage of RF-scanners helps us to keep overview in our cross-dock process and Elevate-IT’s EDI Connector contributes to the quality of our customer communication. Since the going-live, we can say for certain what happened with pallet, which is convenient for our customers as well. Thanks to the connection to our TMS, we also know when a pallet is delivered or on which truck it is loaded. With regard to the implementation, we exactly knew what to expect beforehand. This is due to the pragmatic approach of the software supplier. Hereby, the entire project went smoothly.”