At Hudig & Veder, they ambitiously look ahead. The family business, which was founded in 1795, knows that following new developments is necessary to stay in business. Especially in the logistics industry. From their homeport Rotterdam, Hudig & Veder offers diverse logistic activities such as bulk storage, transportation, chartering and forwarding. They do so with over 90 employees, from multiple locations and with a global network.

To continue to excel, Hudig & Veder decided in 2019 to set course for the future using Boltrics’ always up to date solution. With the newest version of the SaaS solution as the engine for the entire organization, the logistics service provider moves forward.  

‘What distinguishes Hudig & Veder from other logistics service providers? The great amount of knowledge and ability to think along with complex questions’ says Thom Lems, Project manager IT at Hudig & Veder. ‘With experienced colleagues throughout the entire organization and a network of partners with the same expertise in the industry, we can offer our customers what they desire.’

A future-proof standard solution

Even before the choice for Boltrics was made, Hudig & Veder had a clear view of what the organization needed. ‘We drafted an IT strategy, which included the possibilities the new solution had to offer,’ continues Thom Lems. ‘Important was that all departments could work with the same application, integrations could be realized easily, and that the solution moves with the time.’

'The logistics industry is changing. How these changes will look like, no one knows. However, you must make sure you can keep up. Otherwise, you will quickly be sidelined.’

Thom Lems

Projectmanager IT at Hudig & Veder

‘At Hudig & Veder, we have plans for the future. However, with a system that is outdated, none of these will be possible. With Boltrics, we assure ourselves of a solution that will not be outdated but can grow with us in the future. And because the application itself contained all the must-haves stated in our IT strategy, the choice was quickly made,’ concludes Thom.

Enthusiastic about the newest version

Thom: ‘Working flexibly is a priority in our organization. Therefore, the possibility to work with a web client was a strong demand. Where in the old version not everything we wanted was possible in this client, the new version simply works better. We can really do everything in it. For example, the user interface is improved, which makes sure everything clicks quicker and easier. But we can also use the newest functionalities for storage costs, which were already developed in the new version.

The first forwarder to update

Hudig & Veder can be seen as one of the leaders in the Boltrics peloton. As the logistics service provider from Rhoon was one of the first to go live with the newest version and the first forwarder to do so. ‘By going live as one of the first, we saw the opportunity to not only help ourselves but also Boltrics. Thanks to our key user team, we were able to test our processes thoroughly. Boltrics could then resolve the issues for us, and for the rest of the peloton.’

‘The logistics industry is changing. What these changes will look like, no one knows. However, you must make sure you can keep up. Otherwise, you will quickly be sidelined.’

The choice to go live with the newest version was a simple one for Hudig & Veder. Thom: ‘For us there was no other option. If we stay behind now, we would need to start over in a few years. Including a new investment in time and money. We would have to do everything all over again. And that is exactly what we wanted to prevent by choosing Boltrics’ always up to date promise.’

Successful at Hudig & Veder and promising for you:

  • Work uniform with the same interface throughout the entire organization.
  • Improve financial reports by supporting all departments with the same application.
  • Prepare yourself for the future by keeping up with the latest developments.

About Hudig & Veder

Hudig & Veder is a global logistics partner for transport, storage and handling. Their mission: ‘moving your business forward’. With expertise in a wide range of services and over 225 years of experience, Hudig & Veder always finds a clever solution to help customers all over the world.