In logistics, every minute counts. As a logistics provider, you need to use your time effectively. Training new employees is time-consuming. It is also difficult for your team to keep up with the latest updates and features. At Boltrics, we understand. That’s why we created the Boltrics Academy a few years ago. A platform with a wide range of e-learning, Q&A sessions and classroom training for our key users and partners. Our goal? To strengthen the expertise of our community and facilitate a smooth transition to new functionalities within our WMS, TMS and FMS. But our Dutch key users ran into a problem.

Language barrier elimination

Our e-learnings are created in English and have an English voice-over. This allows our partners and their customers to benefit from our Academy. However, we regularly receive feedback from our Dutch key users that the English language is a stumbling block in the learning process. In other words, not time-efficient. We wanted to do something about it!

We understand that language barriers can be challenging. Especially when English is not your native language. That’s why we have good news: we’ve added Dutch subtitles to our Key User Training plan! From now on, key users can enable Dutch subtitles with just one click. This makes content more accessible without slowing down project progress. The subtitles run in sync with the voice-over and appear in a blue bar at the bottom of the screen.

How do I turn on the subtitles?

Once you have started an e-learning, you will see the screen below:

At the bottom right, you see that there is an icon highlighted in the video player. This is the subtitle icon.

Click this icon to turn on the Dutch subtitles. The subtitles will now appear at the bottom of the screen. You can toggle the subtitles on and off at any time using the same button.

Watch the video below for a visual tutorial.

Working together to improve the learning process

At Boltrics Academy, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in the learning process. The introduction of Dutch subtitles is just one example of how we listen to our users and strive to create an inclusive and effective learning environment. We look forward to your feedback and the impact this change will have on your learning experience.

Expanding the Boltrics Academy

The Boltrics Academy is constantly updated with new e-learnings. This fall we will launch new e-learnings on the latest TMS features. In addition, FMS e-learnings and an e-learning focused on commissioning the latest functionality and operation of DataHub 2 are planned. Want to expand your knowledge with Boltrics Academy? Register today and gain access to an extensive selection of nearly 60 e-learnings.