Whatever part of logistics you operate in, you know the importance of streamlined processes and information flows. Your business operations as well as those of your customers are largely dependent on your IT solution. That’s why it’s important to choose a system that is future proof and that can grow with you.

At Boltrics, we are always looking for ways to implement as quickly and as reliably as possible. An innovation which helps in this is an upcoming marketplace – a library of with pre-configured modules and functions – that contains the best practices for your 3PL software. This 3PL Marketplace will eventually become available in the Boltrics software solution.

3PL Dynamics Marketplace

Boltrics’ Marketplace is a platform from which key users can download and implement standard processes into their own 3PL Dynamics environment. It is intended to make onboarding seamless and swift, thus enabling logistics service providers to thrive in the shifting logistics landscape. It fosters independence and ownership, allowing customers to unlock the full potential of our software and focus on what actually matters to them – their core business goals.

How it will work

When you opt for 3PL Dynamics, you purchase the modules that you need. But as time goes on, you may need to adapt your logistics operations based on fluctuating demand. Maybe you didn’t need a module such as Cycle Counting at the time of implementation, but you do now. This is where our 3PL Marketplace comes into play. It gives you the option to download and install this ‘packaged’ functionality in your own database/environment.

The benefits

A major benefit of the Marketplace is that you can do all this without needing Boltrics directly. The secondary module(s) you choose to download will be activated directly in your environment, allowing you to quickly use the application as well. No need to create requests and no need to depend on the availability of our consultants. When you download your new functionality, it also comes with a manual and e-learning material, so that you have all the knowledge you need to use the module. It is directly linked to Boltrics Academy and Boltrics’ Learn, where customers can take e-learnings and training courses or have access to reference material. This allows you to be at the wheel yourself and become self-reliant in transferring knowledge.

Continuously learn at the Boltrics Academy

Ready to improve your knowledge of our solution or offer a (new) colleague the opportunity to learn the basics of 3PL Dynamics? Or are you transferring to a new role within your organization, and do you want to master these new skills? Whatever the reason, with Boltrics’ training curriculum, you can get more out of your software solution. Boltrics’ Academy is the place to keep your knowledge up-to-date before, during, and after implementation.