Americold is one of the largest cold storage and logistics companies in the world. Located in the heart of the Port of Valencia, Americold is the only cold storage facility. To support their warehousing operations, they implemented Boltrics’ 3PL Dynamics as their core WMS software solution.

With more than 240 facilities around the globe, Americold offers its customers a full range of logistics services. From transshipment, warehousing, container transportation, customs, inspection and sorting to repackaging facilities. At the same time, they expand their logistics capabilities throughout Europe. To help them add value for their customers and support their growth plans. Americold firmly believes that IT is essential to achieving this.

How EDI and process optimization transformed Americold Valencia

For Americold Valencia, one of the most important changes has been the seamless handling of EDI messages. It revolutionized their communication with customs and other agencies. This not only allows for automated communication, but also facilitates quick responses and approvals for the shipping process. To ensure smooth day-to-day operations, Americold has redesigned and fine-tuned its scanner screens to allow for necessary checks at each point of entry, storage and exit, customized its cross-docking process and added a miscellaneous section for flexibility in information management.

From manual tasks to automated processes

Americold introduced reports and implemented a software solution to modernize and automate their warehouse management. Working closely with the client, they’ve configured the system to automate day-to-day tasks, reduce human interaction, and streamline administrative processes. This includes automated e-mail and EDI messaging, customized scanner screens for increased visibility and efficiency, and integration with an invoicing system for seamless billing.

In a second phase, they’ve further enhanced automation by implementing configuration for entire inbound processes with SSCC labels and a customized picking system aligned with the customer’s flow. Customized scanner screens, functions, and order types were developed to meet specific needs and ensure excellence in warehouse operations.

In addition, Americold implemented a web portal to monitor inventory and place orders, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient warehouse management. This collaborative effort between Americold and its customers demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence in logistics.