BTS Logistics, part of the VBE Group, has further strengthened its position as a leading full-service logistics provider with the implementation of the Boltrics warehouse management system. This step is a milestone in BTS Logistics’ continuous quest for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With several of its locations in the Rotterdam area, BTS Logistics plays a crucial role in supporting customers with their transportation and logistics needs. With offices in strategic locations such as Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Hamburg, BTS Logistics is expanding its global reach to serve its customers around the world.

Flexibility and speed are key

After a thorough preliminary process, BTS Logistics decided to switch to Boltrics as its warehouse management system (WMS), based on recommendations from other companies in the industry. For example, VBE Group subsidiary DLC is already using the Boltrics WMS. The need for more flexibility and faster implementation options for new customers and opportunities in their growing warehouse operations led to this strategic choice.

“We were looking for a warehouse management system that would give us more flexibility and the ability to react faster to new customers/opportunities”

Reinier Velding, General Manager Logistics at BTS Logistics

Intensive project, pleasant collaboration

Reinier continues: “A lot of work was done in a short time and we really appreciated the consultants’ knowledge, their ability to think along with us, and their ability to switch quickly. We found the consultants’ aftercare to be very pleasant, which contributed to a positive collaboration.

By implementing the Boltrics WMS, BTS Logistics promises to improve operational efficiencies, allowing them to further meet the growing needs of their customers in an increasingly dynamic logistics sector.

Boltrics provides a cloud-based WMS that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other systems. It offers several features that will help BTS Logistics increase efficiency and productivity, including real-time inventory visibility, efficient order fulfillment, accurate picking and packing processes, and advanced reporting capabilities.

“We are confident that the Boltrics WMS will give us the tools we need to realize our growth ambitions”

Reinier Velding, General Manager Logistics at BTS Logsitics