Logistics is a complex industry. Before, customers would just ask you to move goods from A to B or simply store some stock for them. Now, the expectations have grown. The borders in the supply chain are fading and activities start to overlap. For example, logistics service providers support their customers in the manufacturing process more often. And, they are expected to also handle the return flow in the e-fulfillment process. These and other VAL activities offer the possibility to be more valuable for your customers and to distinguish your operation from the competition.

Efficiency on #1

Your customers outsource their logistic activities so they can focus on their core business. After all, you are the specialist who can give the most efficient solution for their logistic challenges. So, when you expand your services with activities like relabeling, assembling, re-stacking, or blending, you can provide an even more efficient process for your customers. Saving them time and money.

The most promising VAL activities ready for the take

Value Added Logistics capture all extra distribution or warehouse services that increase your value in the logistics supply chain. We have listed a number of frequently asked services, which can strengthen your competitive position.

1. Repackaging

Are you combining two products into one package? Or separating products into single packages before shipment? In an efficient VAL process, you easily repack customer items. However, that also means your software solution must be able to handle combined articles and register this extra service without any problems.

2. Return logistics

Purchasing goods online has never been as easy as these days. In addition, the consumer can effortlessly send back the ordered goods. Webshops and manufacturers often delegate the responsibility to process these returns to the logistics industry. Something that can be seen as a VAL activity in your operation.

No way back: the march of reverse logistics

As customers see returns as a problem and rather focus on sales, you can pick up these logistics activities without any problem. Read More >>

3. Assembling

All the required parts of the end product are already in your warehouse. Then, assembling this product is the perfect way to relieve your customers from this workload. In that way, you offer an even more efficient process, by having the assembling done in the same facility as where you store the goods.

4. Blending

Blending is a VAL activity often executed with bulk goods or liquids. In this case, the service combines two or more products you receive or store into one completely new product.

5. Freezing

In cold storage, VAL activities are common too. For example, when foods or pharmaceutical products enter your warehouse, they are often frozen quickly in a shock freezer. Another service you can add to your arsenal.

Capture services in your software

Are you capable of supporting these activities in your operation? Then you are only halfway. To realize a genuinely efficient process, your software application must be able to register these services too. 3PL Dynamics offers the solution. In Boltrics’ branch standard, you can configure processes and workflows flexibly in your WMS or TMS. Every (VAL) activity can immediately be captured on the order. And therefore will be invoiced automatically as well. Without any additional administrative hassle.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about service agreements and VAL activities in 3PL Dynamics? Or are you curious how the software can support your logistic operation? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl.