Freight forwarders, transportation companies, warehouses. In every branch, logistics service providers search for the perfect software match. Logistic operations massively try to get rid of their outdated custom-made solution. Or find out that their current Excel files do not suffice to support the quickly changing customer demands. The result? More and more LSPs join the peloton and choose Boltrics’ branch standard solution. However, how standard is the standard?

One version. Flexibly configurable.

The philosophy of Boltrics is offering one software version which helps logistics service providers worldwide with streamlining their processes. We call this version the branch standard. However, how you apply this single version to your processes is everything but standard. The software can be completely customized, using freely configurable workflows and the functionalities that are available in the standard. In other words, the standard functionalities are flexibly configurable for your specific processes.

Benefit from the latest developments in the logistics industry

The major benefit of offering one software version is that you can continuously profit from the latest functionalities, that may have been initiated by other logistics service providers. In that way, as a peloton, we work together to build a powerful and future-proof software solution for your operation. What has been developed for another customer, will be available for you after the next update. 

An example: we recently presented a new TMS functionality called Irregularities. This functionality supports your Customer Service department by capturing irregularities in the delivery process, like ‘not at home’, ‘damaged’, or whatever label you want to give the deviation. This functionality is now standardly available in the software. However, what irregularities you capture and how these should interact with other actions in your TMS application is completely up to you. For example, you can set up a mail communication with the customer directly from the ‘Irregularity document’. Or, you can automatically create a second delivery. Or, maybe you want to trigger an automatic function that places the delivery in your plan overview and separately bills the extra trip. All of this can be configured flexibly.

The benefits of standard, the flexibility of custom-made

So, the functionalities are standardly available in 3PL Dynamics. How to put these functionalities to use is up to you and your key users during implementation. Yet, the fact remains that thanks to this philosophy, Boltrics makes sure you are always up-to-date with the latest software, and possible bugs related to an update are traced and solved in the application. Together. After all, everyone works with the same version.

“With 3PL Dynamics in the Microsoft cloud, we update monthly and work continuously with the latest version. Therefore, we can always use the latest developments.”

Stan Bormans, Warehouse Manager at Curfs Logistics

Join the peloton

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