This year, the large peloton of IIAA licence holders is embarking on an exciting stage: the transition from GPA to DMS 4.1. It is a challenging phase that will bring changes for you and Customs. Changes to automated systems, procedures and ways of working. And you have a crucial role in this race. Customs has prepared five questions to help you get started. They will help you to check whether you have made the right preparations and are ready for this migration.

1. Is your team ready for the challenge?

Consider the first question: is your team ready for the challenge? Like a well-organised peloton, your team needs to be perfectly synchronised and trained. Each member needs to be up to speed with the new way of working and ready to keep up with the pace of DMS 4.1. It is time to go into sprint mode and make sure your team members are confident and enthusiastic for the final sprint.

2. What are the implications for your business process?

Remember, a strong sprint is not enough to ensure a smooth transition. The second question is about your processes and applications. They are like the cogs in your wheel that need to work together perfectly to move forward. Take the time to assess which processes and applications will be affected by the migration. Do you need to adjust your processes to work in harmony with the new system? Make sure you are in the right gear to cross the finish line.

3. Is there enough knowledge within the organisation for a successful migration?

Now we come to the third question, and this is where the real knowledge of your team comes into play. Do you have enough knowledge within your organisation to make the migration a success? Think of your team as experienced cyclists who know the course. They need to know the bends, when to climb and when to descend. Make sure your team members have the knowledge they need to make this migration go smoothly. Give them the tools and training they need to function like a well-oiled machine.

4. Which parties are needed to supervise the migration?

This is where we call in external experts. Who do you need to guide you through this challenging stage? They are like the experienced cyclists who accompany you and help you determine the best strategies. They can provide you with valuable advice, technical support and implementation guidance.

This is what an unbeatable team for your peloton looks like:

  • Your own IT department
  • Customs for all information on DMS and the transition process
  • Logistics partners to supply the necessary data
  • Software provider for the new software platform

5. What are the budgetary implications and is there sufficient budget available?

Last but not least, the fifth question is about the budgetary implications. Think of your budget as the fuel you need to get you over the last few miles. Make sure you understand the budgetary implications of the migration and assess whether there is sufficient budget available. With the right funding in place, you can take the necessary steps and cross the finish line with confidence. There may be no budget required for your organisation to make the transition to DMS 4.1. Find out in advance to avoid surprises.

Are you ready?

So there you have it, the final preparations for the step from GPA to DMS 4.1. Make sure your team is ready, your processes and applications are aligned, your knowledge is up to date, you have the right team around you and your budget is on track. With these preparations in place, you can start with confidence and reach the finish line of this migration successfully. So pedal to the metal and enjoy the ride to a new and improved Customs Automation!


Moving from AGS to DMS may raise questions for you. Do you have any questions? Then take a look at the document ‘Frequently asked questions transition from AGS to DMS (’. Do you still have questions after reading this document? For general questions, please send an e-mail to For technical questions, please contact the National Customs Helpdesk.