A software solution is the extension of your operation. It is the driving factor of an efficient logistic process. And when you have just chosen a new application, you cannot wait to find out its full potential. You cannot wait to start the implementation. However, does that go for the rest of your organization as well? How do you make sure everyone is on the same page? And how do you make sure all stakeholders are as excited as you are?

Live in 3 months. Without a doubt.

Boltrics’ implementation method is solid as a rock: in three months from start to go-live. This method has proven to be successful. With the experience from over 300 implementations, we help your operation to a successful go-live too. Earlier, for example, we already wrote about the different steps in the project and with what team you will achieve the maximum result. And, in this blog, we will help you bring – and keep – all team members on board.

Support is key. Support among key users is essential.

Creating support is extremely important during the implementation. Especially when we implement the software together in just three months. With the word ‘together’ as the keyword. Because working with Boltrics is a partnership. With the knowledge of our consultants, a proven project method, and your key users as product evangelists. Starting at the implementation. That is the moment your key users must put out all the stops. In the end, they are the driving force behind the solution. Therefore challenge your key users. Trigger them. Enthuse them to get the most out of the system. Because the more effort and input from the key users, the better the application fits your processes. In other words, the more successful the implementation.

Preparation goes a long way

Getting everyone on the same page can be a challenge. Creating support amongst key users is step one. But clearly communicating the conditions is at least as important. The team must be aware of the topics we will be handling and especially the topics we won’t be handling during the implementation. Remember these agreements every step of the way and determine: ‘This is the way with which we will be successful.’

Focus, focus, focus.

The key ingredient for a successful implementation project is focus. Make sure you and your team keep on track. Only in that way, do you prevent distractions by nice-to-haves, which will stand in the way of the absolute must-haves.

Your key users have the experience. However, that often means they can get distracted by extreme exceptions. Prevent the project from derailing. In that way, you will go live successfully and predictably.

The entire organization fan of the new system

Now, you have your key users on board. But your organization is bigger than that. So, how do you make sure your colleagues in the operation fully support the decision for the new system too? Underneath, we share some quick wins from previous implementations:

  • Informal chats at the coffee machine. Share with your colleagues what progress you have made on project days. And, what functionalities you will now have available that you had not before.
  • Newsletter. Especially in big organizations, you can enthuse your colleagues via an article or video in the internal newsletter or monthly email. Share why you have decided to go with this software solution and what milestones you have reached during implementation.
  • Listen. Often, the best ideas come from the people closest to the operation. These colleagues see your processes up close.
    However, in the meantime, beware of distraction by details. As a key user, keep a helicopter view.

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