The logistic chain supporting the food industry must be streamlined perfectly. Different links work together as a well-oiled machine. And you are one of them. Especially when transporting and storing cooled fresh products like fruits, an inefficient logistic process causes decay and waste of the products. Therefore, as a logistics service provider in the fruit business, it is very common to assign batches that are still in transit to a shipment. In this blog, we show you how 3PL Dynamics supports this rolling stock.

Assign expected batches to a shipment

Ther are two methods to assign goods that are still in transit to a new shipment. First, you can create a shipment and fill in the external batch number on the order line. This makes sure the allocation only contains this batch. However, the downside is that this method does not take reservations on the current and rolling inventory into account.

Apply reservations and rolling stock

The second way to process these goods is to select batches using the similarly named functionality. The benefits are that this function takes the reservations on other orders into account and shows what batches are still in transit. In the video below, you see how you select batches on a shipment.

You can select batches based on the header or on the document line level. Do you choose for the header, all batches are shown for this customer. Do you choose to select on line level? Then the batches are shown based on the filter on the document line.

Select batches for VAL orders

In a similar way, you can apply this functionality on VAL orders. When doing so, you can assign materials that are still in transit to a process in your operation. You then do not select batches on a shipment but on a VAL order. Navigate in 3PL Dynamics to the processes of a VAL order and select ‘Assign Material’.

Assign materials to VAL Order

Reap the benefits of 3PL Dynamics

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