Perfect planning, a passionate team, and a dot on the horizon. The key ingredients for a successful go-live. It goes without saying you want to be well-prepared at the start. So that after 3 months you reach the finish line satisfied (and maybe a tat tired). Compare it with the Olympics. The finish is the go-live. The training weeks before are the selection & preparations. And the implementation process? That is the contest in which your preparations and efforts will determine your success.

In this blog, I share the best practices that help you with this! We zoom in on a few situations where you are in the driver’s seat.

Mistake #1: The consultant oversees the implementation; we’ll watch from the sidelines. 

Win: Unlock key users and give them the mandate to make choices.

Getting the right key user to the table is not always easy, but it is decisive for the success of the implementation. The key user is responsible for important choices within the implementation project. Choices that determine what the interior will look like. Mandate and ownership are important characteristics of a strong key user. But… getting the right key user to the table is not enough. 

The key user must have his hands free to blast together with the Boltrics team. Especially during the implementation phase of about 7 weeks where the project days take place in a cadence of Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. 

In addition, it is not superfluous to unlock the key user for an extra day. For example, for testing purposes. So, milestones can be achieved during project days.

It is easy to underestimate how intensive and impactful an implementation can be. Especially for the key user who is close to the fire and has to run his ‘normal’ work in the meantime.

Shortly after the project manager contacts you, a (draft) schedule is shared. At this time – well before the start of the project days – you can put everything in place to release the key user for the implementation.

Bouw Logistic Services WMS TMS

“Make sure you put together a strong team. Take your time. Because everything you put in at the front in terms of time and energy will pay off.” – Bart Lambooij, IT Manager at Bouw Logistics Services. Watch the video >>

Mistake #2: Involve colleagues in using the new application just before the day of go-live.

Win: Involve end users and prepare work instructions.

During project days, a ‘learning by doing’ learning process is in place to prepare the key user for the SIM2 (and Go Live).

Tip: Think about how to document (work instructions), and don’t wait until the last minute.

During SIM2, we put the key user in the driver’s seat and expect to see a solid level of knowledge and expertise of your 3PL Dynamics solution based on various practical examples. Between the SIM2 and the Go Live, the key user has approximately two weeks to train the end users. But… don’t wait until now to train end users. A (large) part of the process – which has been properly and tested – can often be demonstrated much earlier. It is also advisable to plan an internal SIM2 with at least one project day between this internal SIM2 and the real SIM2 with Boltrics. This way, you can confidently work towards the SIM2 and Go Live.

E-learnings Boltrics Academy

During the implementation process, everything revolves around go-live, and you receive a lot of information. That is why shortly after the introduction with project management, you will receive free access to the Boltrics Academy with e-learnings categorized according to the various milestones. Helping you to master the basics of 3PL Dynamics. With tips that you can immediately apply in practice. Simply online, from behind your laptop or telephone. Read more >>

Mistake #3: Processes will automatically become clear during the implementation.

Win: Map your business processes. Check the quality of your master data.

When was the last time you analyzed your logistics business processes, and how do you expect 3PL Dynamics to support your primary processes? How is the quality of your master or master data (GIGO, RIRO en SISO)? The answers to these questions are often not available out of the box and regularly lead to far-reaching discussions. Before the kick-off/workshop, think carefully about this and put certain things on paper. This way, you avoid discussions during the workshop and project days, and you provide the consultant with the right input during the workshop for a solid foundation for your 3PL Dynamics solution.

“Improve quality, you automatically improve productivity”

W. Edwards Demming
Verkooijen WMS

Release a number of key users from their operational tasks to be able to focus on the implementation process. Because only through proper testing a successful go-live is achieved.” – Miranda Verkooijen, Managing Director at Verkooijen Veem. Watch the video >>