The transportation industry characterizes itself by the many different orders for many different customers. Yet, in this jungle of last-minute changes and rush rides, your planners can see structure. Because as a transportation company, you often have standard trips too. For example, every Wednesday from warehouse A to distribution center B. Nothing special. Without any surprises. However, it is these types of trips your employees can save a lot of time with. Therefore, stop creating the same order over and over again weekly. Have these transportation orders return automatically in your planning instead. And make your TMS work for you.

Create recurring orders with calendars in 3PL Dynamics

In 3PL Dynamics, you can prepare standard recurring orders easily in advance with the help of special calendars. In that way, you can already prepare weekly orders right now, preventing yourself from having to create the order on each specific day. You determine on which days the orders enter your planning yourself. Furthermore, when a customer sends the orders for the upcoming weeks in one email, every Wednesday for example, your planners can directly enter them into the system. And they cannot be forgotten.

Create calendars for recurring transportation orders

To easily prepare orders in advance, you must first set up a calendar in your TMS and configure on what days the order must be scheduled. Then, when copying the orders, you can select the new calendar and the orders are automatically created with the correct dates. In the video below, you learn how you can create calendars yourself.

More information?

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