Logistics has been about more than moving goods from A to B for a long time now. Or about simply storing goods for your customers. More and more often, we see that customers want to be involved in the logistics process. They want to have insights into their goods, completed activities and SLA agreements. And they want to be able to create orders directly and reserve time slots without calling your offices.

These self-service requirements have grown extremely. And will keep growing in the future. So, how do you make sure you can handle these requests without increasing the workload of your colleagues? And how do you integrate customer actions seamlessly into your workflows?

In this webinar, we share how an online customer portal can help you cover your customers’ strong self-service requirements. Including a preview of Boltrics’ brand-new web portal. And all of that within 30 minutes! 

In this webinar we share:

  • The trends and rise of self-service demands 
  • How you can offer more value with an online customer portal and prevent a misinvestment
  • The must-have functionalities of a powerful customer portal
  • A demo of Boltrics’ brand new web portal

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