We are starting off the new year strong with new functionalities within Microsoft Business Central. One we’ve covered before is the modern action bar. But Business Central 2022 release wave 2 has a lot more in store for us. Discover 3 new functionalities in this blog.

1. Adjustable VAT date

In some countries it is required to report the VAT statements and declarations on a different date than the posting date. Microsoft has taken this requirement into a new functionality that allows users to add a new date.

The VAT date is now on all purchase and sales documents, as well as on the journals. Users can set a default VAT date value (posting date or document date) in the ledger setup. The date can then be adjusted separately for each document. After posting a document, the new VAT date will be visible in VAT entries and general ledger entries. You can also adjust the VAT date after booking.

2. VAT clause: extended text

Always needed more text for the VAT clause? Then we have good news, because this is one of the new functionalities. This functionality also stems from requirements for VAT clauses: in some countries more explanation is required, making it necessary to be able to add more text.

To use this functionality, go to the VAT clauses page and choose the clause to which you want to add more text. After this, choose the “Extended Texts” action. This activates the functionality immediately: you now have more lines to add text.

3. Company Selector

The third new functionality is the company selector. You can have multiple companies in a Business Central environment. With this new functionality you can easily switch between these companies. With the shortcut keys “CTRL+O” you open the list of available companies. From this list you can choose which business environment you want to go to.

More information?

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