The Boltrics peloton is moving forward. After each update, you as a customer can access the latest logistic functionalities, and you are ensured of the most recent technology. But it is not only Boltrics that moves forward. Microsoft’s update train moves quickly too. Offering you new developments to support your processes even better with the introduction of Business Central 2022 Release Wave 2 – in other words, v21. One of the eye-catching new functionalities? The modern action bar. In this blog, we explain how this new function reduces the number of clicks of your colleagues drastically. And why you would never want to go back to the old bar. 

What is the modern action bar in v21?

With the modern action bar, you can easily sort, move, or categorize actions and functions on your 3PL Dynamics screens. Buttons you use often can, for example, be taken from a category and put on the bar directly. Or you can group functions that often go hand in hand together under one category. In that way, you can easily find both buttons. This saves clicks. And therefore time.

Note: this function is only available in v21 or higher. Boltrics is working on adopting these developments in 3PL Dynamics. Therefore, not all available options may be activated directly.

Bring on that new action bar!

Are you curious how this new action bar helps you? Then, you can apply this function after your update to v21. Go to ‘Feature Management’ and activate the function ‘Feature Update: Modern Action Bar’. Here, this feature can be activated for all users or for a single session to try it out yourself first.

What’s New?

It seems a minor change… this new action bar. However, this new development can simplify your clicking patterns enormously. And, you are in control of what functions you arrange in what category yourself. Or which actions you do not want to categorize at all. Everything is configurable via ‘personalize’.

Concretely, the following points are new compared to the old action bar:

  1. The action bar is pinned by default;
  2. Actions can be moved between the categories;
  3. The order of the actions and categories can be adjusted;
  4. In addition, actions can also be moved to the action bar.

These adjustments are available for list pages and card pages.

Standard action bar in v22

The possibility to change the action bar to your wishes in v21 gives Boltrics the opportunity to standardly adjust the action bar on 3PL Dynamics pages. That means that in v22 you will find pre-defined layouts of the action bar in your software. In that way, you already have the most important actions within reach for more consistency between pages and fewer clicks. Of course, you can still change the standard action bar. Below you find a sneak preview of the new configurations.

Modern action bar - sneak preview 1
Modern action bar - sneak preview 2

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the newest functionalities in 3PL Dynamics? Read more on Microsoft’s new action bar here. Or sign up for Boltrics Academy to continuously be informed on the latest developments.