Printing is an essential part of your logistic process. Whether you print ZPL labels or reports, you still print a lot on actual paper. In this earlier blog, you learned how the BoltricsService supports your print activities, how to install the latest version, and how to access the BoltricsService. However, you can do a lot more! In this blog, we dive into the setups of the BoltricsService. We explain how you can change settings yourself to be able to do more analyses after an error. In other words, how you can be up and running faster.

Step 1: Open parameters via IIS Manager

The BoltricsService is a web service that is hosted within the Internet Information Server of a Microsoft Windows environment. In the IIS Manager, you can find this website.

When you click on ‘BoltricsService’, you choose the option ‘Explore’. Then, the Explorer is opened on the location of the website. Standardly this is C:\inetpub\BoltricsService\BoltricsService<version no.>. In this file, you’ll find the Web.config. A file that can be edited via any text editor. For example, the standard notepad in Windows.

In the Web.config, you find several parameters that you can edit yourself. For example, you can give parameters certain default settings, determine the method used for turning PDF files into print activities or improve the printing order.

Step 2: activate logging with parameter Debug

In the list of parameters, you find the parameter ‘Debug’. This parameter makes sure more information is captured. When the parameter is ‘True’, logging is written on a location set in the TempDirectory. This option will create a file per print activity: a logging file of the PDF document processed to a print activity. A file is created containing the PDF that is printed and an EDI file with the response that can be sent to Business Central.

Step 3: save changes

When you have edited the settings in the Web.config-file, you must refresh the Application Pool of the BoltricsService in IIS Manager to activate them directly. You do so via ‘Application Pools’, selecting the BoltricsService, and clicking on ‘Recycle’.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about the settings in the BoltricsService? Or do you want more information about the parameters you can edit yourself? Mail to