When we look around us, we see the extreme consequences of labor shortages in many different industries. Whether it is at airports, in public transportation, or in hospitality, everywhere there is a big shortage of people. As a result, some companies cut their services leading to unhappy customers, less revenue, and lower margins. In addition to that, we find ourselves in an energy crisis and we can only expect minor economic growth according to DNB and IMF. Definitely a challenging time. It causes insecurity, puts pressure on the margins of your logistic operation, and limits the scaling possibilities for you as an entrepreneur because there simply is no workforce available. 

Artificial intelligence as a solution in crisis

The good news is that these challenges pressure entrepreneurs to invent new ways and come up with new solutions. We gladly help with that. And together with our customers, we find new innovations. A good example is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the software solution we offer you as a logistics service provider.

AI: a stable factor in your operation

By applying artificial intelligence, you can make your processes more predictable. Predictable because the quality will be constantly the same. As IT professionals, we often say: ‘A computer never lies’. And that is true. A computer compares values, executes a calculation, and returns an outcome. One which will be the same as long as the input stays the same. That, you cannot say for human work. Sometimes, your employee feels better than at another time. And, at some moments, he or she is more focused than on another moment. 

Simply scalable

Another benefit of artificial intelligence is that you become less dependent because the work is done by a computer. That means you are not depending on the availability of your employees, sick days, or the fact that there are extreme labor shortages. In other words, your company is more scalable, because you are not limited by the capacity of employees which helps you increase both your revenues and margins.

Artificial intelligence in 3PL Dynamics

In 3PL Dynamics, artificial intelligence is used via Microsoft Cognitive Services in our module Customs & Logistics integrations. In this way, with the help of AI, we can use unstructured data like PDFs as input and create orders in your logistic solution in an intelligent way. With high predictability and a low margin of error. Then, you can automatically release the order to an order picker or a driver via a workflow. All without the interference of humans and completely automatically. The result? There is no manual order entry needed and the predictability rises. Meaning you can do a higher volume with the same number of employees, the revenue increases, and the costs take a dive.

More information?

Do you want to learn more about artificial intelligence in 3PL Dynamics? Or gain more information about this way of document capture? Mail to marketing@boltrics.nl and prepare your operation for the future.